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Templates and guides

Student engagement templates and guides can help you connect with students in your department or area of work.

These guides and materials can help open conversations with your students, but each department has its own culture and student community so varied approaches are very welcome.

Contents of this page: 

Annual Programme Survey 

For continuing students 20th March -24th April 

This survey gives students the opportunity to provide feedback to their departments about their programme and their modules. 

APS digital promotional items to download:

Email banners:






Social media: 



Shape UCL student voice platform

Shape UCL is used in a growing number of UCL faculties and departments. Shape UCL is powered by Unitu, the award-winning student voice platform.   

UCL have put together new guidance for staff and students on using the platform. 

Guidance for Staff (2022-23)

Guidance for Student Academic Representatives (2022-23)

Guidance for Students

If your department is using Shape UCL, a range of materials will be available to help you promote the service in your area. 

Shape UCL digital promotional materials (to download)

Email signature image (for departments) 

Shape UCL temporary dept email signature image

NSS 2023

The National Student Survey will be open for final-year undergraduates between 11 January and 30 April.  

The survey takes around 10 minutes to complete and students are asked to give feedback on areas such as Assessment & Feedback and Learning Resources. 

NSS 2023 materials to download

NSS 2023 email signature 


NSS 2023 web image 800x500 px

NSS 2023 generic image

NSS 2023 image for Instagram stories

NSS 2023 co branded image for Instagram stories

You Shaped UCL: close-the-loop campaign templates

These materials are designed to link to a wider institutional campaign on how student views and ideas are shaping education at UCL.

To promote changes inspired by student feedback in your department, school or division, you can use the customisable You Shaped UCL templates to create print or digital materials:

Email signatures and web banners

You can use these to link to further information on Moodle or on a web page about how student views and ideas have been used.

Focus groups

If you're looking to gather qualitative feedback, you can organise focus group sessions for students.

These sessions are useful for understanding the reasons behind preferences and exploring participants' reactions to the topic under discussion.

Student survey policy and guidance

UCLs survey policy states that no large-scale surveys of students should be conducted without prior agreement from the Office of the Vice-Provost (Education and Student Experience).

This does not include small-scale surveys (for instance of all the students in your department) but would cover, for example, a survey of all study abroad students. 

The comprehensive survey guide is a great starting point if you have not run a survey before or if you would like to improve your future surveys. The guide contains information on: 

  • Basic survey principles – things to consider before running a survey
  • Available survey software – options to run surveys
  • Survey design best practices – survey length, style, scales
  • Response rates – representativeness, margin of error and how to increase your rates
  • Survey links – controlling survey access

Please note that in line with UCL’s Survey Policy, no institution-wide survey should take place at the same time as any of our annual student surveys. For more information, please read the survey policy or contact us.

UCL student opportunities flyer

Staff can order a double-sided A6 postcard flyer to promote the various opportunities available to students.

These opportunities include the ChangeMakers scheme, Student Experience Panel and Student Academic Representatives.  

Please contact student.engagement@ucl.ac.uk if you'd like to request copies of the flyer.