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Free Global Citizenship Programme for students seeking solutions to world’s biggest challenges

27 February 2020

UCL undergraduate and taught postgraduate students can register now for the 2020 Global Citizenship Programme, to work with other students from across the university on some of the world’s biggest challenges.

A group of UCL students who attended the Global Citizenship Programme

The Global Citizenship Programme is an exciting interdisciplinary programme free to all UCL undergraduates and taught postgraduates. It runs throughout Term Two and Three, with the majority of events taking place in March and June. 

The UCL Global Citizenship Programme is a brilliant opportunity for students to immerse themselves in cross-disciplinary work with other students from across UCL.

Please encourage the eligible students you work with to check the Global Citizenship Programme website, find out more, and register for this unique experience. Look out for promotional materials and resources which will help you spread the word to students.

Finding solutions to real life problems

Students on the programme will undertake research and practical activities focused on understanding the challenges our world faces, and contributing to the solutions.

They’ll collaborate with students and staff from different disciplines, meet experts from businesses, charities or community groups, take part in workshops and learn new professional and academic skills, while working in teams to find solutions to real-life problems.

Programme strands

To register, students will need to choose one of four strands focused on UCL's Grand Challenges, which prepare them for their next step after university by putting new skills into practice. 

  1. Active Citizenship. Participants on this strand will develop and apply campaigning skills to help solve our biggest challenges.

  2. Outbreak! Infectious DiseasesParticipants on this strand will understand how rapidly a local disease can become a global threat, and how individuals and organisations can combat it together.

  3.  Power to the Planet! Participants on this strand will examine climate change from the perspective of justice.

  4. Social Start-up. Participants on this strand will join gain hands-on experience of building a social enterprise.

Supporting activities

The programme also includes two exciting opportunities that run alongside the themed strands. Students can: 

Benefits to students

Depending on the strand students are on, they will focus on a different issue.  Whichever one they do, students will broaden their academic experience, develop new skills and get involved in exciting citizenship projects – all while deepening their understanding of important global issues.

The programme is designed to help develop the qualities of a global citizen:

  • an understanding of the complexity and challenges of our interconnected world
  • a strong sense of social, ethical and political responsibility
  • skills like teamwork and leadership, and being able to solve problems through innovation and entrepreneurship.

When and where

Students attend any of the following types of events to complete the required hours within the strand they’ve chosen: 

  • Talks, seminars and workshops throughout Term 2 (4 to 16 hours available)
  • March Weekend Challenge or 1 day workshop (6 to 12 hours available)
  • 1 week Summer School in June 2020 (25 to 30 hours available)

All events take place on UCL's Bloomsbury campus.

For more information, please visit the Global Citizenship Programme website.

Students can register here for programme strands and events