UCL Global Citizenship Programme


Active Citizenship

Develop and apply campaigning skills to help solve our biggest challenges.

Active Citizenship is open to undergraduates in their second year or above, plus taught postgraduate students

The Active Citizenship Strand starts from the position that citizenship is a feeling of responsibility for the wellbeing of others and the planet and an understanding that concerted action can help to change the world.

Do you want to make a difference?

This strand is a two-week academy for those whose life goals include making a difference. Through developing your campaigning skills, you will be able to explore ways through which citizen power can produce change for social justice; protection, promotion and fulfillment of human rights; and environmental sustainability. You will be able to develop strategic thinking, communication skills and networking.

Experienced campaigners will provide inspiring examples of successful actions for change. You will also work in groups developing a campaign in partnership with a lead organisation.

This strand is set within a framework of human rights, fundamental freedoms and concern for the sustainability of communities and environments. It provides a crash course in citizen action whatever your discipline or subject and level of prior knowledge.

Principles of active citizenship

Experts from UCL and campaigning organisations offer interactive activities that will cover principles of active citizenship including:

  • lessons from historical and recurring campaigns 
  • legal and moral frameworks
  • influencing political representatives 
  • businesses and bureaucracies
  • communication strategies
  • working within a strategic framework
  • developing practical skills including team work and
  • making and using video resources.

Affiliated organisations from around London will be offering support to each of the strand's teams. You will experience what it’s like to develop, implement and support a campaign for an important issue. 

Campaign, document and share

By the end of the two weeks you are expected to contribute to the campaigning, lobbying, awareness raising work done by the partner organisations, you are also encouraged to document your journey and experience through tweeting, blogging and engaging in various social media outlets.

Finally, along with your team, you will produce a short video which documents your work in the field and with the partner organisations highlighting the main topics of the campaigns worked on. On the final day of the programme we will have the chance to watch all the videos produced and vote! The video that wins our votes will be screened during the final event. 

During the past three years our students actively engaged in workshops and discussions and were placed with campaigning organisations based in London. To know more about the work of our students last year check out the videos they produced and the blog posts they shared