UCL Global Citizenship Programme


What's the right strand for me?

The UCL Global Citizenship Programme offers two types of strand, Grand Challenges and Pathways.

Grand Challenges 
UCL Grand Challenges

  • Each of the Grand Challenges strands are open to all undergraduate and taught postgraduate students.
  • Focused on the UCL Grand Challenges: Global Health, Cultural Understanding, Sustainable Cities, Human Wellbeing, Justice and Equality and Transformative Technology.
  • Conduct your own research, explore London and develop new skills.


  • The Active Citizenship strand is limited to second-year undergraduate or above, or taught postgraduate students.
  • The Employability strand is open to all all undergraduate and taught postgraduate students.
  • Focused on preparing for your next step after university and putting your skills into practice.

Our Programme is free to take part, although places on every strand are limited and allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.


Outbreak! Infectious Diseases

Understand how rapidly a local disease can become a global threat. Explore how individuals and organisations can combat it together.

Justice and Equality

Power to the Planet! Policymaking for the People and the Environment

Examine climate change from the perspective of justice. Ask how we can make its effects less unevenly distributed.

Challenging Europe

Explore the challenges, cultures and diverse languages of Europe.

Active Citizenship

Active Citizenship

Develop and apply campaigning skills to help solve our biggest challenges.



Identify where you want to go and develop the skills to get there.