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Power to the Planet!

Finding solutions to the world’s critical challenges

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not”. (Dr Seuss, The Lorax)

Why a strand on the environment?

Being a global citizen means more than understanding different cultures and engaging with the problems facing human society.

It means taking responsibility for the impacts that our actions are having on the wider world and the different species with which we share it.

The Power to the Planet! strand will provide you with a thorough understanding of the environmental challenges threatening the planet and equip you with the skills necessary to make a positive difference, both at home and in communities across the globe. It is your opportunity to engage with critical questions: What type of society are we? And what type of society do we need to become?

If you are someone who cares a whole awful lot about the environment, then this is the strand for you!

Watch what students thought of this strand (formerly called Global environmental justice)

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Term-time talks and workshops: the past, present and future of climate change

This year’s term-time events will explore, in an interdisciplinary manner, the legal, political, scientific and historical contexts of climate change.

We will look at how its causes can be traced through human history, the impacts it is having on different communities today, how people are fighting back and how society should respond in the future as entire communities are forced from their homes.

The different activities, coupled with the regular publication of materials on Moodle, are designed to be a coherent course that progressively develops your understanding of climate change as an environmental and social phenomenon. 

Environmental protection in practice: GCP Weekend Challenge

Understanding different aspects of environmental challenges such as climate change is an important first step, but not enough if you want to help society overcome them.

Over the course of the GCP weekend challenge, you will engage with four different organisations and discover how the work they are doing in areas such as nature conservation and food security is making a difference around the world.

GCP Summer School

In the Power the planet! Summer School, we will consider what it means to be a global citizen in the context of the environment.

In groups, you will explore an environmental problem in another country and work to find solutions to the impacts and injustice it causes.

Talks from guest speakers and tutorials will help shape your ideas as you tackle, for example, the need to devise a sustainable energy policy, illegal deforestation and human rights abuses resulting from fossil fuel extraction.

You will also have the opportunity to develop your activism skills so that you can make a positive difference in your own communities. You will hear from people with first-hand experience of engaging different groups with environmental issues before spending a day working with an experienced environmental campaigner, learning exactly what it takes to be a successful activist.

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