Support with quarantine costs

Please note the Quarantine Support Fund is now closed.

Support with quarantine costs

Currently, everyone planning to travel to the UK, whether vaccinated or not, must still follow the rules for entering England. For students joining us in the 21/22 academic year, if you are travelling from a 'red list country' and are therefore required to self-isolate in an official quarantine hotel upon arrival in the UK, we will offer you financial support.

What support is available to me?

UCL will provide a £500 contribution to your quarantine costs. You will be entitled to apply for this grant once you have completed your quarantine stay and enrolled at UCL.

How do I apply for the £500 grant?

Please note: you will be required to log in via UCL's single sign-on to access the form. You should not apply until after you have completed your quarantine stay, and you will be asked to provide evidence of your quarantine hotel cost (e.g. invoice). You will also be required to log your UK bank account details. If you do not have a UK bank account you will need to wait until you have set up an account before applying.

We will aim to pay your grant within two weeks of submission of a completed application. Please note you will need to be fully enrolled and have logged your bank details to receive any payment.

What if I need additional financial support?

The UCL Financial Assistance Fund (FAF) is available to support students who find themselves in unexpected financial difficulty. Applications to this fund are means-tested and the assessment takes into account study costs along with personal circumstances. 

UCL's International Student Support webpages have more information on the advice and support available as you prepare to arrive in London.

What if I am unable to pay immediately?

If you are in financial hardship, you can apply for a 12 month payment plan for your hotel quarantine cost with CTM, who manage the mandatory quarantine bookings for the UK Government. You will need to confirm you are facing financial hardship under the section "Are you facing financial hardship and unable to pay immediately?" Then call the booking number as shown to apply for the 12 month payment plan. Further details are on the CTM booking webpage. Students who are able to arrange the 12 month payment plan can still receive the £500 grant, and also apply for the Financial Assistance Fund if you need additional financial support.