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The Student Enquiries Centre team value your feedback. Please complete this feedback form at the bottom of this page and tell us about your experience with our team.

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“The team was incredibly helpful and I felt very supported.”

“The staff were very professional, clear and thorough in their explanation.”

The staff in both processes were very friendly and understanding of the situations, and either provided solutions or directed me to departments that were more directly responsible.

Annual Online Survey 2023 Results 

Infographic for student survey results 2023

SEC Feedback Form 2023 Results 

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Student Enquiries Centre Feedback Form

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Read our article and watch a video about publishing the feedback results for 2023.

Recent improvements following feedback
  • Reviewed and updated the bank of our answers to your questions to be correct, comprehensive and easy to follow.
  • Developed self-help resources which include visualised step-by-step guidance, offering a better overview of the respective services provided.
  • Reviewed our communication channels and improved our website to be able to navigate information more easily. This simplified the information, highlighted the frequent questions and complemented useful resources.
  • Installed stools in front of the Student Enquiry Centre counter to allow us to speak at eye level. This increases the psychological engagement level from the student's point of view and helps students to feel more comfortable.
  • Enabled accessible and user-friendly FAQ searches by implementing better keyword searches, embedding terminologies known to the students and redesigning the 'Ask a Question' section.
How you can get involved

Join our student feedback mailing list and you will be contacted about upcoming opportunities. Our sessions may include some form of refreshments, or participants may be able to win vouchers!

Through various engaging activities, participants are encouraged to share their experiences of accessing the Student Enquiries Centre. Activities include:

  • Participating in a focus group
  • Volunteering for user-testing groups for the askUCL website
  • Providing feedback on our services via our feedback form
  • Participating in phone interviews and mystery shopper exercises
  • Participating in our annual online survey

If you register with our feedback group, we will only collect the necessary information to contact you. Your data will be handled compliantly with UCL GDPR and data protection policy. You can request to be removed from this group at any time. To do this, please contact the support team. For questions and further information, please contact the askUCL team.

Feedback Activities delivered

Mystery shopping exercise on our phone service

This project will allow us to assess our telephone service from the students' perspective, rating the service based on professionalism, clarity, and timeliness. The students taking part were assigned scenarios which are considered common areas for the SEC team subject knowledge or issues that are particularly relevant at the time of the exercise. This activity has highlighted some areas for improvement in first impressions and follow-up procedures.