Joe Kilbride

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Joe Kilbride Student Adviser

What I do

Hi, I’m Joe. I am the Student Adviser for Biochemical Engineering and Electronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE) and I am here for you as a key point of contact during the first year of your undergraduate studies. I am available to discuss any wellbeing, support, and student experience matters. 

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Working within the Student Support and Wellbeing team, I will be hosting a range of events and activities during term time to support your Social bonding, Skills for life and Wellbeing at university. Explore the workshops and activities you can join throughout the academic year listed below, then click the 'Book a space on an event' button to reserve your place.

Term 1: September 25th - December 15th 2023


All Events on this Campaign are now finished!

Term 2: January 8th - March 22nd 2024


All Events on this Campaign are now finished!


Join our Student Advisers and get exam ready! We will be sharing revision tips, setting yourself up for success and self care before and during the exam, followed by a relaxing origami session. All you need is a piece of paper! 

No need to book for this one- Click here to join the meeting, on the day!

Term 3: April 22nd - June 7th 2024

More information to come soon.


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Who am I?

About Joe

What was your experience of further or higher education like? 

I first started in 2009 but then withdrew in 2011 as I realised I was not ready for university (it is okay to take your time with this!). Took a year out and worked as a full-time tennis coach and then I reapplied in 2012 at Leeds Beckett on Psychology BSc and graduated in 2015. Through this, I learnt to take my time with things and that I don’t need to rush and I can do things at my own pace and still be successful.  

Who or what made the biggest positive impact on you when you were studying? And how did they support you? 

I would have to say one of my academic tutors, Jeannette. I first went to speak with her regarding one of our modules and from that point on, she was always so supportive. Offering me one-to-one sessions, sending me through articles around topics I was interested in and working together on my dissertation project (different supervisor but she helped me develop the topic to study) and so much more. Even since leaving she has always checked in and acted as a referee when applying for jobs.  

What working achievements or initiatives are you most proud of? 

There have been a few very challenging and complex student cases I have worked with throughout my career and one always comes to mind. Supporting this student through a turbulent year and seeing them come out the other side with great grades is one of my proudest moments. 

If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be? 

Don’t rush and life is surprising! Make sure you know what you want to study even if it means taking a couple of years out and starting your university journey at 20/21/22/23. As long as you have found your passion and what you really enjoy, that’s the most important thing. Learning is lifelong. 

What would it surprise people to know about you? 

Most people know I’m very much a countryside kind of person and love nature and being in the fresh air and I always said I could never live in London because it’s too big and too busy. I’m now living my best life in London!