Pani Fanai-Danesh

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Pani Fanai-Danesh
What I do

Hi, I’m Pani. I am one of the Student Advisers for The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment and I am here for you as a key point of contact during the first year of your undergraduate studies. I support the following programmes: : 

  • MSci Architecture
  • MEng Engineering and Architectural Design
  • MSci Construction Project Management
  • BSc Urban Studies
  • BSc Urban Planning and Real Estate

I am available to discuss any wellbeing, support, and student experience matters. 

Contact me via askUCL

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Working within the Student Support and Wellbeing team, I will be hosting a range of events and activities during term time to support your Social bonding, Skills for life and Wellbeing at university. Explore the activities and workshops you can join throughout the academic year listed below, then click the event hyperlink to reserve your place. 

Term 1: September 25th - December 15th 2023
Your Guide to thrive - Quiz night - 21st November @ 17:00

Join us on Tuesday night to celebrate your progress so far at UCL and test your general knowledge in our big Bartlett quiz! Great prizes are involved, and some food and drinks will also be provided. 

your Guide to thrive - Support services refresher - 22nd November @ 10:00

Student Advisers Kristina Labanauskaite and Pani Fanai-Danesh will be talking to you about the variety of services available to students at UCL. Whether you heard about it before or it's the first time you're finding out about student support, learn where to go when you are having any issues so that you get the most out of your time as a Bartlett student. 

your Guide to Thrive - ACC workshop - 23rd November @ 11:00

The UCL Academic Communication Centre supports students of all language backgrounds and levels of study to develop their academic literacy and communication skills. Kerry-Jo Reilly will be running this session where you can learn more about academic writing, tips for when writing feels most difficult, essay writing, exam skills, getting support and feedback on your drafts. 

Term 2: January 8th - March 22nd 2024

In this two-hour class, B-MADE technician Alice Foxen will talk you through making pottery and give you tips for creating your piece. You don't need any experience doing pottery - all are welcome! Please make sure you wear old clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Some materials will be provided. This class will take place at the B-MADE workshop at 22 Gordon Street.

Beat the January BluesImposter Syndrome ONLINE – 25TH January 2024, 14:00-14:50

In this online session, you will be learning more about imposter syndrome, the different types in which it manifests, and the learned behaviour that leads to self-doubt and questioning the validity of your achievements.

Beat the January BluesMindfulness workshop ONLINE – 26th January 2024, 13:00-13:50

In this online session, Student Advisers Pani Fanai-Danesh and Kristina Labanauskaite will explore practical steps we can take that prevent spiralling thoughts and learn coping techniques that will help us stay centred when negativity takes over. We will focus on self-nurturing, speaking to ourselves with love, true appreciation and self-compassion.

Exam Season Toolkit - Board gameS afternoon - 6th March, 14:00-17:00, M2 School of Pharmacy

Join us for an afternoon of fun, games and relaxation to support your wellbeing leading up to the main assessment period. Take a break from studying and drop by to show us your unbeatable chess strategy, your balancing Jenga act or your Lego building skills. Your Student Advisers will be waiting for you with a great collection of board games, some snacks and drinks for you to enjoy.

Please note, this is a drop-in session so you will not need a ticket to attend. However, please register your interest on this page to give us an idea of how many students are planning to come. 

Exam Season Toolkit - Wellbeing Pulse Check - 12th March, 12:00-14:00, 22 Gordon Street Reception

In the leadup to University Mental Health Day, your Student Advisers will be on campus to see how you’ve been doing so far and if there is any support you might need. They will be at the 22 Gordon Street reception and will be waiting for you with chocolates, goodie bags and lots of useful advice on student support. Please do pop in to have a chat! 

Exam Season Toolkit - Assessment Prep Workshop - 18th March, 14:00-15:00, online event

Join the Bartlett Student Adviser team for a short online workshop on different strategies you can use to deal with assessment stress and learn about the support services that are available to you during the main assessment period.

Stress affects all of us in different ways, and there are many things we can do to alleviate it. In this short workshop, the Bartlett Student Advisers will outline different tools available to help deal with stress, including time management strategies, tips on keeping motivated, and relaxation techniques.

This event is open to all Bartlett students and will take place on MS Teams. You will be sent a MS Teams link in advance of the session. Please note, this is a drop in session so you will not need a ticket to attend. However, please register your interest on this page to give us idea of how many people are planning to come. 

Term 3: April 22nd - June 7th 2024

Come and join us for a fusion of stretch and salsa dancing to relax and move your body. 

We will start with a warm-up to loosen you up and then will learn some salsa basic steps. We will then finish with a relaxing stretching session to elongate your muscles and make you feel refreshed and renewed.

Open to all levels, moving to upbeat Latin music is a brilliant way to destress and release those endorphins!

This event is open to all Bartlett students and will be taking place at 169 Euston Road, Ground Floor Meeting Room. To sign up for this class, please register here

Who am I?

About Pani

What was your experience of further or higher education like? 

My university experience was such a monumental time in my life. I really cherish those memories. It was the first time I was totally independent and focusing purely on a subject I was interested in. It was exciting to meet so many people who had their own experiences that were so different to mine. I also learnt so much, not just from my academic studies, but also from the people I met and experiences I had.

Although university came with its challenges and could be difficult, it was truly a special and valuable time in my life.  

Who or what made the biggest positive impact on you when you were studying? And how did they support you? 

The friends I made at university. They were extremely supportive, both academically and personally. I always found studying and academic writing difficult, but I had an incredible group of people around me that helped me develop my study skills. A group of us formed a study group and would support each other with coursework and exam revision, and I think without my support network I would have found university a lot more daunting. 

Shout out to my bestie Emily, who helped me so much with my referencing!

What working achievements or initiatives are you most proud of? 

Organising the Bartlett School of Architecture Summer School. It had doubled in size the year I took over planning and had over 300 students joining from around the world. The organisation and management takes 10 months from start to finish; I worked on it independently whilst being new at UCL. 

Even though it was really stressful and overwhelming at times to organise, it was extremely rewarding once the students arrived, and I could see them having a wonderful experience. It was a great success and I had fantastic feedback from students and the Director of the Summer School. 

If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be? 

Don't worry so much and believe in yourself. Also, join a society and get more involved! This is a rare opportunity to meet people and acquire new experiences.

What would surprise people to know about you? 

I love George Michael. Like, a lot.