Receiving Student Finance

How and when will I receive my student loan?

This page will cover the following information:

Tuition Fee Loan Payment

If you have been approved for a tuition fee loan, this will be paid directly to UCL in three termly instalments.

You can find out if you have been approved a tuition fee loan by looking on your Student Finance account.

New students need to make sure they have completed the pre-enrolment process, and continuing students must re-enrol.

Other than becoming enrolled and attending university, you do not need to do anything to ensure your tuition fee loan payment. It is an automatic process between Student Finance and UCL.

The UCL Fees team will confirm your attendance to Student Finance each term allowing your tuition fee loan to be paid. Your Portico account will show a sponsorship record.

Find out more about paying tuition fees 

Find out more about pre-enrolment and enrolment

Maintenance Loan Payment

If you have been approved for a maintenance loan, this will be paid directly to you in three termly instalments.

In order to receive the maintenance loan, you must be fully enrolled. 

To become fully enrolled you must have paid your term 1 fees. This can either be via a tuition fee loan from Student Finance (where payment happens automatically as long as the loan has been approved - see above) or by paying UCL directly yourself.

If you are taking a tuition fee loan, your Portico record will show that UCL is due to receive your tuition fee loan directly from the SLC, and the Fees team will confirm you are fully enrolled.

If you are self-paying all or part of your tuition fees, you will need to make sure you have paid any remaining fees by the instalment deadline to become fully enrolled.

If you have not yet paid the 1st instalment of your tuition fee, and do not have a tuition fee loan you will be placed on a time-limited enrolment. Students on time limited enrolments will not receive their maintenance loan.

Once you become fully enrolled, the Student Funding team send a Registration Confirmation to the Student Finance to let them know. You should receive your maintenance loan 3-5 working days after becoming enrolled.

If you have become enrolled and waited 5 working days but still not received your maintenance loan, have a look at this Student Finance check list to see if you have completed all the necessary steps to be paid. 

If you have completed those steps but are still worried about receiving your maintenance loan, contact Student Funding via askUCL.

Postgraduate Master's Loan and Postgraduate Doctoral Loan Payment

If you have applied for and been approved your Postgraduate Master's or Postgraduate Doctoral Loan, the first instalment will be paid to you 3-5 days after you become enrolled.

If you have enrolled and waited 5 working days but still not received your loan payment, contact Student Funding via askUCL.