Welcome to The Bloomsbury Theatre and Studio

29 September 2020

Friday 30 October, 16:00 - 17:00 - Join Bloomsbury Theatre producers Sylvia Kluczewski and Ellen Frost on a tour of the theatre, where you will be introduced to the variety of opportunities for you to get involved with as a UCL Student.

The Bloomsbury Theatre and Studio

Whether you are a keen performer, an aspiring producer or technician, or if you just love watching shows - come and hear about what’s on offer to you!  

The Bloomsbury Theatre is where ideas spark and creativity comes to life. This 500 seat venue showcases the best of theatre, music, dance, comedy and everything in-between. 

We seek out new work by some of the UK’s most imaginative performers and cultural organisations, as well as welcoming high-profile and household names throughout the year.

We work together with students and researchers to bring ground-breaking discoveries to the stage, from art and design, science, technology and beyond. 

Date and time - Friday 30 October, 16:00 - 17:00

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