Make the Most of Your Academic Self

We’re here to help you develop strategies for academic success, structured around four daily activities, key to student life. Find out how to Make the Most of Your Academic Self here.

We know that the transition to university life is exciting and challenging at the same time and for those coming to the UK for the first time, you may be having to navigate a whole new academic system on top of your course requirements.

That's why, we've put together a whole host of resources to ensure you can build a strong academic foundation, to hit the ground running.

Videos and recorded events

Strategies for academic success


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This event compromised sessions across reading, writing, planning and talking. 

Strategies for academic success


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Strategies for academic success


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Reading - Introducing ReadingLists@UCL 

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In this video, find out how to get the most from your reading list, including tips on prioritising readings, making notes and marking items you have read.

Reading - Introduction to Explore

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Here we outline the essentials for getting started with using Explore, including linking to online items and accessing your library account.

Writing - Develop your entrepreneurial skills and thinking at UCL

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Find out how we can help you develop entrepreneurial skills and thinking while studying at UCL. 

Talking - What is an Academic Rep? 

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Find out what academic reps is all about and how you can be an Academic Rep. 

Strategies for academic success


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Strategies for academic success


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Reading - Introducing ebooks

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Discover how to find and access e-books and make the most of their features.

Writing - Student perspectives on the ACC

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Students Alex and Christos tell you about their experience of accessing Academic Communication Centre support last year.

Talking - Meet the Academic Rep of the Year 2019/20 

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Meet Daniel, who was UCL’s Academic Rep of the Year for 20219/20 and see the positive impact he created for his fellow students.

Talking - Student Partnership Opportunities

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Hear from these UCL students on how they worked in partnership with staff to make education better at UCL.  

Academic writing study pack

This pack was put together by the Writing Lab, the section of the Academic Communication Centre that serves students from Bartlett; Psychology & Language Sciences; Arts, Humanities, Social & Historical Sciences. It gives you an introduction to academic writing, sharing the most important principles that will guide you through writing during your degree at UCL. 


Hear from your academic life community

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