Make the Most of UCL Culture

Our world-class museums, galleries and theatres, with their wide ranging collections and award-winning performances, mean you’re never far from an enriching cultural experience at UCL.

At UCL, you are spoilt for choie when it comes to culture on your doorstep combining cutting edge research, artists and opportunities for students to get involved.  

Explore our incredible collections ranging from art and archaeology, through sciences to zoology and UCL’s disruptive thinking on the challenges humanity faces.

Even if you're not studying on campus straight away, most exhibitions and cultural spaces have online options for you to engage with, giving you a flavour of what's waiting when you arrive on campus.

Recordings from our Make the Most of UCL Culture team

Student guide to UCL Culture

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This introductory video summarises how you can get involved with UCL culture online and on campus. 

Artefact Bingo at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

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Join a virtual tour of the museum then discover for yourself some of the 80,000 objects in the collection through an interactive game led by Curator Anna Garnett.

Welcome to the Grant Museum of Zoology

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Join Tannis Davidson, Grant Museum Curator, and Martine Rouleau, Public Programme Manager on a tour of the Grant Museum.

You see all: the big reveal

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A virtual game and experience by UCL Culture that turns the real world on its head.

Comedy and spoken word with Harry Baker

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Interested in hearing some uplifting comedy or thought provoking spoken word? Well, this is the event for you!

Witness a moment that transformed European history

MediaCentral Widget Placeholderhttps://mediacentral.ucl.ac.uk/Player/D2f8EeE3

Join head of the UCL Art Collections Nina Pearlman and Andrea Fredericksen, UCL Art Museum Curator, as they introduce you to the current exhibition Witnessing Terror: French Revolutionary Prints 1792-94.

Welcome to The Bloomsbury Theatre and Studio

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Join Bloomsbury Theatre producers Sylvia Kluczewski and Ellen Frost on a tour of the theatre, where you will be introduced to the variety of opportunities for you to get involved with as a UCL Student.

Introducing City Mill Skate

MediaCentral Widget Placeholderhttps://mediacentral.ucl.ac.uk/Player/EiD5Giec

Join Esther and Sam, who are both Skateboarders, Researchers and Artists who founded City Mill Skate.