Employer-led Skills Workshop: Teamwork

28 September 2020

Through our skills programme, these graduate recruiters will be running a workshop style event to help you develop your skills in this area.

students and teacher looking at screen

The key objective is for you to understand more about this particular skill, why it is a key requirement for a wide range of recruiters in different sectors and how you can develop it.*

Participating in this session will enable you to:

- Understand what teamwork means to graduate employers and why they value it
- Understand how and when employers will look for evidence of team working skills in their selection processes
- Identify how you operate in a team situation and where your strengths and weaknesses lie
- Practice solving business problems in a team situation
- Confidently approach employers' team based assessment exercises

*Note: The workshop is therefore not specifically aimed at those who are applying to any of the organisations running the workshop as the focus of the event will be on the skill rather than on any specific job opportunities or sector.

Date and Time - Wednesday 21 October, 15:00 - 17:00

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