Assessment planning: a guide for UCL students

At UCL you will experience a high volume of assessment, as coursework, in class tests, and exams. Your course work deadlines and exam dates may be close together, so good planning is essential.

You should start planning at the beginning of the First Term

The timetable for UCL’s Main Exam Period  is published in the Second Term at the beginning of March.

Scheduling coursework deadlines and exam dates

  • Create a schedule of coursework deadlines and in class assessments, formative and summative, so you can plan your workload.

You will be able to get the information from Module/Programme Handbooks and your department.

Find useful planning tools in our Exam Success Guide 

Work through our Person Productivity playlist on getting things done, time management, improving your focus and overcoming procrastination.

  • Check your exam timetable as soon as you receive your email  notifying you that it is available.

Add your exam dates to your study schedule. This will help you identify opportunities to complete some of your coursework early, for example, so that you have time to study for your exams. Build in some contingency time for unexpected events. 

  • Stick to your schedule.

Make sure it reflects all the different due dates – coursework and exams - that you have.   

Two Exams on One Day

Producing the exam timetable is a very complex task, coordinating over 2,700 different exam papers for 87,000 exam sittings for individual students.

Plan for multiple exams in a short period, perhaps even two exams on one day

If you have two exams scheduled on the same day, it’s really important to plan it into your study schedule.

Exams outside the Main Exam Period 

Make sure you’re available for exams outside the Main Exam Period in Term 3.

Most UCL exams are centrally organised and take place during the Main Examination Period but you may also have exams during the Late Summer Assessment Period or exams that are arranged by departments which could take place at any time during the academic year. Late Summer Assessment (LSA) takes place in late August and early September. Wait for your exam results from the Main Exam Period before you book late summer travels, in case you need to be available for LSA. 

Exam Adjustments

Request any reasonable adjustments needed.

If you have a disability or other ongoing medical or mental health condition, make sure UCL knows about it, so we can make reasonable adjustments to support your assessment.  

Find out more about exam adjustments.

Unexpected events

Make sure you know what to do if things do not go to plan

Sometimes, things happen that might affect your performance in assessments (exams or assignments). 
Use UCL’s Extenuating Circumstances process to request a deferral.

More Information

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Don't forget you can ASKUCL

If you still have questions related to your exams after reading the information online, we recommend that you visit the AskUCL student enquiry system to read the FAQ’s and submit an enquiry.