Academic Manual


Chapter 4: Assessment Framework for Taught Programmes

Chapter 4 is UCL’s regulatory framework for the assessment and examination of Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate students at UCL.

Looking for the regulations relevant to the Late Summer Assessment period? Please click here to view the 2020-21 version.

Download Chapter 4 2021-22

Chapter 4 Contents

1. Overarching Principles of Assessment
2. Assessment Information
3. Module Assessment
4. Examinations
5. Reasonable Adjustments
6. Extenuating Circumstances
7. Marking & Moderation
8. Assessment Feedback

9. Progression & Award
10. Classification
11. Consequences of Failure
12. Interim Qualifications
13. Boards of Examiners
14. Award of Degrees
15. Classification for Undergraduate Students First Enrolling in 2017-18 or earlier

    Covid Mitigation 2019-20 and 2020-21

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    Forms and Further Guidance

    Extenuating Circumstances


    Boards of Examiners

    Exam Board Preparation and Agenda

    Note: these forms can be used for 2020-21 Autumn Boards

    Higher Education Achievement Report