Academic Manual


Chapter 4: Assessment Framework for Taught Programmes

Chapter 4 is UCL’s regulatory framework for the assessment and examination of Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate students at UCL.


Download Chapter 4 2021-22

Chapter 4 Contents

1. Overarching Principles of Assessment
2. Assessment Information
3. Module Assessment
4. Examinations
5. Reasonable Adjustments
6. Extenuating Circumstances
7. Marking & Moderation
8. Assessment Feedback

9. Progression & Award
10. Classification
11. Consequences of Failure
12. Interim Qualifications
13. Boards of Examiners
14. Award of Degrees
15. Classification for Undergraduate Students First Enrolling in 2017-18 or earlier

    Covid Mitigation 2019-20 and 2020-21

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    Forms and Further Guidance

    Extenuating Circumstances


    Boards of Examiners

    Exam Board Preparation and Agenda

    Note: these forms can be used for 2020-21 Autumn Boards

    Higher Education Achievement Report