Academic Manual


UCL Academic Manual 2020-21

The UCL Academic Manual brings together in one location the academic regulations, policies and procedures applicable to all UCL taught and research students.

The Academic Manual has now been published for 2020-21 and applies to all students who are fully enrolled on the 2020-21 academic session. The regulations for previous years can be found in the Academic Manual Archive.

For further information about changes to the regulations for 2020-21, please visit the Recent Changes page.

Important Update: Covid-19

Information about temporary changes to the regulations due to the Covid-19 pandemic are available on the Academic Manual Covid-19 page.

Recent Changes
Combined Academic Manual PDF

All Chapters

All chapters combined into a single accessible and searchable PDF.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Student Recruitment and Admissions

Recruitment and admission of students to UCL’s programmes.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Qualifications and Credit Framework

The underpinning structures of taught and research qualifications at UCL.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Registration Framework for Taught Programmes

Enrolment and registration of Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate students.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Assessment Framework for Taught Programmes

Assessment of Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate students.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Research Degrees Framework

Admissions, Registration and Assessment of Postgraduate Research students.

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Student Casework Framework

Student Conduct, Complaints and related procedures.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Programme and Module Approval and Amendment Framework

Development, amendment and approval of programmes and modules.

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Academic Partnerships Framework

Learning opportunities delivered in conjunction with external organisations.

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Quality Review Framework

Monitoring standards and enhancing the student experience.

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Short Course Framework

UCL’s regulatory framework for short courses.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Teaching and Learning

Policies relating to Teaching and Learning.

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Duties and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of key posts within UCL.

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Faculty and Departmental Committees

Terms of Reference for Faculty and Departmental Teaching and Research Degree Committees.

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Governance

Governance Policy and Guidance