UCL Academic Manual


Welcome to the online UCL Academic Manual.

The Academic Manual is a compendium of key documents relevant to academic quality management and enhancement operations at UCL and particularly to Internal Quality Review (IQR). The Manual’s content is divided into thematic sections, which are listed below and can be accessed by using the links opposite. Within each of these sections, documents are defined as policy, procedure, good practice or information. Each document also has a named contact who is responsible for the material shown. Academic Services, Student and Registry Services, has overall responsibility for maintaining the Manual, through a process of regular consultation with these named contacts. 

Part 1 Key overarching policies and principles of UCL
Part 2 Curriculum planning and design
Part 3 Learning, teaching and assessment
Part 4 Student recruitment, admission and reception
Part 5 Student support and guidance
Part 6 Staff support and development
Part 7 Academic quality review, monitoring and feedback framework
Part 8 Management and organisational framework

The Manual is accessible to external readers as well as UCL staff and students both from the UCL website and via the Student and Registry Services webpages. There is a search facility (thus removing the need for an index) and hyperlinking to other Manual or UCL documents.

Comments about the Manual should be addressed to its manager, Sandra Hinton, Quality Assurance Manager, Academic Services, Student and Registry Services, extension 28590, e-mail - s.hinton [at] ucl.ac.uk.