Academic Manual


Chapter 9: Quality Review Framework

Chapter 9 is UCL’s regulatory framework for monitoring standards, the student experience and strategic quality enhancement activities across UCL.

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1. Introduction
2. Annual Student Experience Review (ASER)
3. Internal Quality Review (IQR)
4. External Examining
5. Peer Dialogue Scheme
6. Student Academic Representation

7. Student Representation on UCL Academic Standing Committees and Sub-Committees
8. Academic Committee Review Panel
9. Core Programme Information
10. Module Evaluation Questionnaires

Forms and Further Guidance

Annual Student Experience Review (ASER)

Internal Quality Review (IQR)

9.3.1 IQR Schedule 2021-22 to 2025-26 Coming soon

External Examiner

9.4.2 External Examiner Fee Payment and Expenses Claim Form

(note: Taught Programme External Examiners who need to submit an expense claim for their External Examining activity should contact the External Examining team on examiners@ucl.ac.uk)

Peer Dialogue Scheme

Student Academic Representation

Core Programme Information

Available via: Core Programme Information