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External Examining

External Examining is an annual cycle covering nominations, appointments, annual reports through to fee payments. Find out more about resources for the External Examining (EE) processes.

External Examining Key Updates and Comms

Refer to this area for regular key updates to the External Examining process as well as a copy of information sent to Board teams and External Examiners. 


Guidance for External Examiners: Completing Annual Report

If you are an External Examiner at UCL, please refer to FAQs on this page where you find answers to queries relating to the External Examiners annual report.

key documents for boards of examiners

Arranging IT Access for External Examiners

Guidance for Board Teams on arranging IT access

Data Quality Checks

External Examiner Nomination and Appointment

Guidance for Board Teams aaround the EE nomination and appointment process (includes during the EE's term, inactive EE, extension requests for EE etc)

Help for Departments Implementing the 2018-19 Regulations

Information for Board Teams: Annual Report and Responses FAQs

If you are a member of Board Team at UCL you can find most common questions around Access to the EE report, format of Departmental response, and record function on Portico here. 


EE Fees and Expenses FAQs

Find the answers to some of the most common queries around EE Fees, Expenses, P60, and EE Tenure

Portico Progression and Award Rules

Planning Toolkit for Board Teams

Refer to this page for more information on Portico reports, tasks and EE communication checklist


Dates and Deadlines

Overview of Key Annual Dates and Deadlines for the EE process