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External Examiner Nomination and Appointment

A quick checklist on the different aspects around the EE nomination and appointment process (includes during the EE's term, inactive EE, extension requests for EE etc)


To Nominate new External Examiner please review  guidance in the UCL Academic Manual

Review Chapter 9, Section 4.1 (Criteria for Appointment) and 4.4 (Process of Nomination) of the Academic Manual for further details and updates to processes. Confirm the nominee fulfils the criteria prior to submitting the External Examiner Details Nomination Form. 

Inactive External Examiners

If your External examiner is not going to be active for current or future Acadmic Year please notify examiners@ucl.ac.uk providing brief rationale.

Early termination of an EE's term (EE's decision or Board Team's decision)

Notify examiners@ucl.ac.uk if a current EE is unexpectedly ending their 4 year term early . Please provide a brief rationale. If it's the Board Team's decision to terminate the EE's term, please ensure this has been discussed with the EE.  

Undergraduate External Examiners  Right to Work

Refer to HR guidance on in-person Right to Work checks and ensure this is done early in the AY. Submit verified evidence via MS form sent to you in an email from External Examining Team. Please note we are unable to request contracts for UG External Examiners without verified RtW therefore it is essentail to conduct verification in timely manner. Late RtW submissions results in delayed payments for External Examiner.

Postgraduate External Examiners Right to Work

Right to Work checks are not required, however Board teams must arrange for Permitted Paid Engagement letter if the EE is required to enter UK. More details are available on HR website on Immigration

Extension requests

Only in exceptional circumstances can Board teams request an additional year to their External Examiner’s four-year term. Refer to Chapter 9, 4.4.2 Period of Appointment. You will need Faculty approval prior to submitting the extension request and a valid rationale.