Academic Manual


Section 9: Core Programme Information

Published for 2023-24

1.The Core Programme Information (CPI) should be provided to all current UCL Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate students (including MRes students). 
2.The CPI should be included in a single location such as a student handbook, Moodle site, website or intranet. 
3.The CPI represents the minimum information that should be provided to all students. As such, programmes are encouraged to add local information where appropriate. 
4.Programmes are fre e to change the formatting, numbering and order of items, but, where marked ‘Centrally Provided’ the text itself must be included in its current form. However, departments may change specific terminology to reflect local practice (e.g., ‘Programme Director’ for ‘Programme Leader’). 

Standard Text for Core Programme Information 

If you are publishing on Moodle or on the web, use the hyperlinked version:

If you are printing  handbooks, use the print URL version:

‘Clean’ versions are provided for staff creating new handbooks/ sites.  

For staff updating existing handbooks and sites, the ‘tracked’ versions indicate what has changed since last year.