A transcript is an official document containing a full record of your confirmed academic results and can be used for third party verification purposes.

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Further information can be found on UCL's 'Services for third parties' webpage.

e-transcript service

An e-transcript is an official electronic document containing a full record of confirmed academic results and can be used for third party verification purposes, for example job applications, applications for further study, visa requirements or third party verification by a solicitor.

Some institutions require students to send e-transcripts directly to them as part of their Visa compliance checks and Confirmation of Acceptance to Study (CAS) checks. You can for an e-transcript to be sent directly to a third party. If you wish to receive the e-transcript yourself, please enter your own email address in the third party contact field.  

We are unable to produce hard copy transcripts, and e-transcripts can only be sent via email at this time. 

Please note that this service is only available to students who have an electronic academic record.

Current (non-final-year) students

You may order one free copy of your academic e-transcript per academic year providing your order is made prior to the end date of your programme.  

Your e-transcript will only contain results that have been ratified by an Examination Board, any provisional results will not appear. You should contact your Department for confirmation of any provisional results.

If you are a current student in your in your first year of study, we will be unable to provide an e-transcript as there will not be any ratified results on your record. You should therefore not place an order and  contact your department for confirmation of any provisional results.

You can place an order for your free e-transcript via the UCL online store.

If you require an additional e-transcript(s) within the same academic year, you can make a separate purchase via the alumni order option via the UCL online store.

Students who wish to provide verification of their results to World Education Services (WES) should request that their transcript be emailed to submit@wes.org only.  We are currently unable to provide any supplementary information to support your application, but WES are aware of this and have requested that all  transcripts be directed to the submit@wes.org address and they will  process the application based on the e-transcript supplied. 

Place an e-transcript order on the UCL online store

Final-year graduating students

When will I receive confirmation of my results and award?

You will receive an email from UCL Academic Services confirming your results and award once your award has been conferred by UCL. If you have any queries regarding your results and award, please contact your department in the first instance.

When can I purchase an e-transcript?

You can purchase an e-transcript as soon as you are notified by Academic Services of your results/award. Please do not place an e-transcript order until you have received email confirmation form Academic Services.  

You can place an order for an e-transcript via the UCL online store. Transcripts will be free for the year after you graduated, so any students graduating in the last twelve months will be able to apply for a free transcript.  A charge of £15.00 will be made for each transcript ordered by students graduating in 2020 or earlier. 

I am a postgraduate student. Can I obtain a transcript?

No, we cannot issue you a transcript until your results have been conferred by the Board of Examiners.

When will I receive my degree certificate?

You will be sent 5 copies of your official transcript together with your degree certificate within 5 months from the date your award is conferred by UCL. These will be posted to your home address as held on Portico. Please ensure your home address is kept up to date to ensure safe delivery of our documents.

How can I obtain a Statement of Award?

You can download a PDF of your Statement of Award from Portico.

Affiliate students 

I am a UCL affiliate student, how will I get my results?

An e-transcript of your results will be sent to your home university within 4 weeks of your results being approved by the Examination Board.  

If you are an independent affiliate student you will also be sent an email from UCL Academic Services to confirm your results.

All affiliate students will be able to view their results on Portico once they have been confirmed.


Please note we are only able to provide e-transcripts to UCL students who started their programme of study on or after 1 September 2006 and for Institute of Education (IOE) students from 1 September 2015.

If you studied at or were awarded by UCL on or after 1 September 2006, you can apply for an e-transcript via the UCL online store. You may also request a Statement of Student Status and Award.

I studied at UCL before September 2006 or at the IOE before September 2015 - what verification can I receive?

You may be eligible for a Statement of Study or Award letter. Please contact studentstatus@ucl.ac.uk for assistance.

I am a research degree student - can I order a transcript?

Official transcripts are not issued for research degrees by UCL. You may obtain a confirmation of registration and award (once awarded).

I studied at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES) prior to merger with UCL in 1999 - how do I obtain a copy of my transcript?

Please contact ssees-student@ucl.ac.uk for assistance.

I studied at the School of Pharmacy prior to merger with UCL in 2012 - how do I obtain a copy of my transcript?

Information on how to obtain a transcript can be found via the School of Phamacy.

I am an MBBS alumnus/a - how do I obtain a transcript for my pre-clinical and/or clinical degrees?

Information on how to obtain at transcript for an MBBS degree can be found via the Medical School website.

Placing a transcript order

Can I order an e-transcript to be sent to myself?

Yes, you can by entering your own email address on the order form.

Can I order more than one e-transcript?

Yes. You will need to place a separate order for each third party e-transcript request.

How will I know when my e-transcript has been sent?

You will receive a confirmation email once your e-transcript has been sent to the designated third party. This confirms that your e-transcript has been processed. Please do not contact us to chase or follow up your order unless you have a query on the e-transcript.  

I have a question not covered by the information on this webpage - how can I get help?

We are unable to respond to queries chasing up the progress of a transcript within the 15 working day processing time.  If your e-transcript has not been received after 15 working days then you can email us at transcripts@ucl.ac.uk.

If you query is regarding an order that has been placed, please quote the order number in your email.


How can I place an order for an e-transcript?

You may place an order for an e-transcript via the UCL online store.

Processing time for e-transcript orders

The standard processing time for an e-transcript is 15 working days from the date of purchase. Before submitting your e-transcript order, please double check that the email address of the recipient is correct. If this needs amending following the acceptance of an order, a new transcript will need to be requested. This will take up to an additional 15 days to process (or longer during busier times) and an additional charge will be made where applicable. 

Please note: processing times may be longer during busy periods.

Additional forms to accompany your e-transcript order

We may be able to send additional forms with an e-transcript - please email transcripts@ucl.ac.uk with details of why this is required   

The Student Enquiries Centre can send your Statement of Award along with other documents or forms confirming your study at UCL to a third party for you, such as WES (World Education Services).  

If you have any questions about what we can send, please log an enquiry via askUCL under the category of Statement of Award.

Statement of Student Status and Award

Information on how to obtain a Statement of Student Status and Award can be found on the 'Confirmation of registration and award' page.

Third party verification of award via HEDD

Please see the Student Enquiries Centre page for third parties for further information on our third party verification service via the Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD) service. This service allows a third party, e.g. a potential employer, to request a verification of your award.


The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) provides a single comprehensive electronic record which incorporates a transcript and the achievements of a student. This is currently available for UCL undergraduate students only. Please see this page for further information and eligibility.

Transcript rubric

You may find a guide to accompany your transcript below:

2020/2021 awards

2019/2020 awards

2018/2019 awards

2017/2018 awards