Planning ahead

Don't put off talking to UCL Careers, planning your summer and thinking about the wider opportunities to develop your skills.

You'll find quite quickly you'll need to start putting things in place for the summer and your second year. Here are some things you'll need to think about from term two onwards, and some ideas to continue to build on the skills you're developing.

Module Selection

Your department will let you know when you need to select your modules for year two - generally, this is between April and May, but different departments might have different timelines so always follow local guidance. 

Understand the Module Selection Process

UCL Careers

It is never too early to talk to UCL Careers. They work closely with your departments to ensure there is plenty of tailored careers advice, support and events. 

Remember you can:

Don't forget to explore their skills hub to make sure you are developing the kinds of skills your future employer might be looking for. 

Other development opportunities at UCL

UCL is a big place and there are loads of different opportunities to get involved and develop your skills, whatever your interests. Find out more at the development opportunities section. 

Beyond your studies

Remember to keep an eye on the Student Health and Wellbeing activities and events webpages, as there's always something on all year round - including the summer. 

Accommodation beyond year one is usually a topic discussed part-way through term one. At UCL, most students tend to move into private rental accommodation with friends after their first year. We recommend that you look into Alternative Accommodation options to secure housing as early as possible.