Communications, digital and marketing

Find out all you need to know about communications, digital and marketing at UCL and try out some tasks.

NB: The number of CAM related task in the task library is currently limited but we are working on adding to the list. Please bear with us. For the moment, tasks include 'Download and use brand templates', 'Display content on digital signage' and 'Write an internal communications plan'.

Task library

What do you need to do? Use the UCL staff Task Library to find instructions for a host of tasks.

Join a CAM+ Community of Practice

Find out more about the four communities of practice in Communications and Marketing, and how you can get involved with:

  • Student Recruitment
  • Internal Communications
  • Digital Communications
  • Events Management

Brand and visual identity

UCL logo in multicolour

Tools and guidance to use the UCL's Visual Identity correctly and effectively.

CAM resources


Find out more about the resources available to help you with your work relating to communications and marketing.



Find out about the advice and assistance available to enable you to optimise your UCL website


Film crew filming an event

UCL's Corporate Events team manages a diverse portfolio of events from UCL’s Lunch Hour Lecture series to building openings, graduation ceremonies and state visits.

Press and media relations

Film camera on set

The Media Relations team promote UCL research and teaching throughout the global media.

Internal Communications

Print room cafe

Providing practical information and advice about Internal Communications at UCL.