Write an internal communications plan

An effective internal comms plan helps you to organise your communication strategies, objectives and metrics. You can map out a timeline to identify key messages and channels for your audience(s).

Before you start

You’ll need to:

  • Understand who’s commissioning this piece of work and who will have sign-off for the plan.
  • Identify if there’s a budget – if so, the amount and the budget owner.
  • Identify stakeholders who have the knowledge to help inform your internal communications plan.
  • Decide if it would be best to meet stakeholders individually, or form a small working group.

You should be aware of:

For an introduction to Internal Communications (IC) at UCL and a completed example of an internal communications plan, please see the Resources section of our CAM+ Portal. You’ll need to be a member of CAM+ to access the Portal.

1. Meet with your key stakeholders

Your stakeholders will be able to provide information that will shape your internal communications plan.

2. Create an internal communications plan template

An internal communications template will help you map out the key messages and timelines.

3. Add your audiences to the internal communications plan

Add your audiences and the key messages to the communications schedule. Think about the best way to reach each audience.

4. Make sure your plan is feasible

You’ll need to make sure you can deliver the plan in time.

5. Assign responsibilities

Decide who would be best positioned to complete each task.