Display content on the Digital Signage

Digital Signage is displaying in various locations across the UCL Campus. This service is available for staff to communicate key internal messages to other staff, students and visitors. You can find the necessary information about this service here.

Before you start

You’ll need to:

  • Consider who the target audience for your content is.
  • Identify which screens you’d like to display your content on.

You should be aware of:

  • The fact that screens can display in portrait or landscape orientation 
    – Staff-facing screens are in landscape 
    – Student-facing screens are in both portrait and landscape, but mostly portrait (Student Centre and Libraries)
    – Produce your content in both if needed
  • Existing guidance on the type of content you can display
  • UCL Brand guidelines 
1. Create your Digital Signage content

Create the content in the correct format ready to be displayed on Digital Signage across campus.

2. Send content to the Content Manager

Find out who to send your content to.

3. Submit your content for displaying

Submit your content to display across the Digital Signage.