UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences


About UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences

We are a major biomedical research centre and a leader in medical and health research.

The Nucleus of the Solitary Tract |Sarah Elyoussfi

In 2011, the UCL School of Life & Medical Sciences established four UCL faculties representing one of the largest and most prestigious aggregations of academics in biomedical, life and population health sciences. The School has a global reputation for teaching informed by leading research.

Faculty of Brain Sciences 
Faculty of Life Sciences 
Faculty of Medical Sciences 
Faculty of Population Health Sciences 

Our principles and values

Pursuit of excellence 

Excellence, as judged by national and international benchmarks, characterises all that we do. 

Academic freedom and accountability

We foster a culture that facilitates excellence, recognising that our staff are the source of new knowledge, the inspiring teachers, and the enterprising individuals. The School's role is to facilitate their work while operating a fair and transparent accountability framework.


Many advances stem from perspectives gained by combining insight from different disciplines. This is something the School does particularly well and will continue to exploit, linking to other faculties within UCL and beyond. 


Our reach and influence is extended through collaborative partnership working, providing external stimulus and challenge as well as new insights. Our partner specialist hospitals are a unique asset, with whom ever stronger collaborative links are being forged. 

The tripartite mission 

Education, research and enterprise are interdependent and the pursuit of excellence applies to all three. We seek an optimal student experience through a genuine research-informed approach to education.