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Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology

Thank you to everyone who came to our event celebrating International Clinical Trials Day on Friday 20 May 2016! Slides and video footage from the presentations are now available.

The Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology is a centre of excellence for clinical trials, meta-analysis and epidemiological studies. It has a particular focus on developing and delivering innovations in methodology that improve and enhance these studies.

The goal underpinning the Institute’s work is a commitment to improve health for all.

The Institute is part of the Faculty of Population Health Sciences in the School of Life and Medical Sciences, and is comprised of four clinical trials units:

ICTM trials units conduct studies into a number of disease areas. We offer taught and research graduate degree programmes, including a new face-to-face MSc in Clinical Trials. We also offer short courses in key aspects of clinical trials to those already working in the field.

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