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Working late

Working long hours linked to higher risk of stroke

Working 55 hours or more per week is linked to a 33% greater risk of stroke and a more modest (13%) increased risk of developing coronary heart disease compared with working a standard 35 to 40 hour week, according to the largest study in this field so far, led by UCL and published in The Lancet. More...

Paula Kearney, UCL Academy teacher, talking to pupils (from left to right) Patricia Markauskaite, Enaya Ali and Haroon Hussein (credit: Wellcome Trust)

Large trial will assess effectiveness of teaching mindfulness in UK schools

A major study to assess whether mindfulness training for teenagers can improve their mental health launches today, involving researchers from UCL alongside staff and students at the UCL Academy.

Whole body anterior amyloid scans of a patient with systemic amyloidosis, showing abundant amyloid in the liver before treatment and the almost complete absence of amyloid after a single dose of the new anti-SAP antibody.

Improving treatment for systemic amyloidosis

A potential new approach to treat systemic amyloidosis, invented at UCL and being developed by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), marks the start of a successful and innovative academic-industry collaboration. More...

Scientist examines samples under a microscope

UCL to coordinate £16m project to crack difficult disease areas

UCL has successfully coordinated a £16 million bid to work with the Medical Research Council (MRC), GSK and four other universities to improve scientists’ understanding of inflammatory and fibrotic diseases that present a serious burden to patients. More...

Professor Nick Fox and Dr Jonathan Schott

Landmark 69-year study to provide window into dementia

A landmark study that has been following a group of people since their birth in the same week in March 1946 is now turning its focus to the risk factors and early signs of dementia. More...


30 August, 2015i-sense Presents "Bug Hunters" at Spark Festival London
1 September, 2015Athena Swan Showcase 2015: Life in an Established Post
1 September, 2015Introduction to Genetic Epidemiology in the GWAS era 2015
2 September, 2015Epigenetics in Neurodegeneration
3 September, 2015Dissecting Neural Circuits for Visual Processing and Behaviour
3 September, 2015Neural circuits for sensory processing and behavior control in auditory cortex
3 September, 2015Using Zebrafish to Study Myelinated Axons in Vivo
4 September, 2015Minds of Caste - An Inter-Disciplinary Seminar on How Caste Identities Shape the Mind
7 September, 2015High Throughput Sequencing in Disease Studies
7 September, 2015How to Develop Therapies for NM Disease
8 September, 2015'What Works For Us' - Share and Learn on Understanding Patient Experience
8 September, 2015The Novel Neurotechnologies: simultaneous 3D all-optical imaging and activation of neurons in living brains
9 September, 2015Cross-Cohort Research: Opportunities, Challenges and Examples
10 September, 2015Cognitive Assessment in Multiple Sclerosis
10 September, 2015Functional imaging of hippocampal microcircuits for spatial navigation and learning
10 September, 2015The Serine-Threonine Kinase, Tpl2, is Required for Neutrophil Antimicrobial Functions
11 September, 2015European Research Council Starting Grants - UCL SLMS Information Event
15 September, 2015Public Health England Annual Conference 2015
15 September, 2015The EU Health Programme 2014-2020
15 September, 2015The Generation of Diverse Motor Neuronal and Glial Subtypes From Patient-Specific iPSCs: Quo Vadis ALS?
16 September, 2015SLMS Introduction to Information Governance
17 September, 2015Neuroscience Career Network: Grant Writing Workshop
18 September, 2015Computational Modelling of Protein-RNA Interactions
18 September, 2015UCLPartners Quality Forum
22 September, 2015Frailty Community of Practice: New Pathways for Facilitating Timely Discharge
22 September, 2015NIHR CLAHRC North Thames Academy Research in Practice Course
23 September, 2015Lessons From Europe: Exploring New System Models for Active and Healthy Ageing
24 September, 2015AF and Stroke: We Can Do Better
24 September, 2015Epidemic Modelling in the Equatorial City State of Singapore
25 September, 2015High Field MRI for Study of Adaptive Brain Plasticity
25 September, 2015The European Society for Low Vision Research and Rehabilitation Conference
26 September, 2015Synaptopathies One-Day Symposium
28 September, 2015Roderick Tye: The Human Presence
30 September, 2015Health Gap: A Conversation
5 October, 2015Neuroscience Career Network: Workshop on Fellowship and Grant Interviews
6 October, 2015Get That Grant: Introduction to Grant Applications for Early Career Researchers
6 October, 2015The 1958, 1970, and Millennium British Birth Cohort Studies: Opportunities for Collaboration
6 October, 2015Understanding Cellular Heterogeneity
7 October, 2015Eleanor Longden @ UCL
7 October, 2015MRC Prion Unit Events and Seminars: Insights Into the Molecular Pathogenesis of HD and the Validation of Therapeutic Targets
8 October, 2015Progress in Rehabilitation Research: What Have We Learned From the RCT? Where to From here?
8 October, 2015SLMS Introduction to Information Governance
9 October, 2015Second International Conference on In Utero Transplantation and Fetal Gene Therapy
9 October, 2015Stress: approaches to the First World War
13 October, 2015International Experimental Neurology Conference
13 October, 2015UCLPartners Education Conference: Educating for Patient-Centred Care
14 October, 2015New Insights in the Pathogenesis of Prions in Cultured Cells
14 October, 2015Roderick Tye: the human presence in conversation
14 October, 2015UCL Infection, Immunology and Inflammation (III) Symposium 2015
19 October, 2015Fifty Years Without Free Will: Upending the Neuroscience of Volition and Starting Over Again
19 October, 2015Muscle Homeostasis
22 October, 2015UCL/Rosetrees Interdisciplinary Symposium - Smart Technologies for Health
26 October, 2015A Core Brain System in Assembly of Cognitive Episodes
28 October, 2015Exploring Individual Differences in Dementia and Cognitive Abilities in Down Syndrome
30 October, 2015Memory Matters: The Art and Science of the Brain
2 November, 2015A Neural Mechanism for Subjectivity Based on Brain-Viscera Interactions
4 November, 2015Growing Up Happy in England: Evidence-Based Approaches to Wellbeing and Implications for Policy
5 November, 2015Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research Seminar: Title TBC
9 November, 2015Bullying Experience and Effects: UK Evidence
9 November, 2015Bullying Experience and Effects: UK Evidence
9 November, 2015Innovate 2015: The Global Spotlight on UK Innovation
9 November, 2015The Neural Mechanisms of Empathy - From Shared Activations to Shared Representations
10 November, 2015Timing and Tracking ALS: a Biomarkers Perspective
11 November, 2015Baseline Brain Activity in Down Syndrome
11 November, 2015Outcomes From Chromosomal Microarray Testing in Intellectual Disability Psychiatry
12 November, 2015CNR@UCLP Seminar Series 2015: Title TBC
13 November, 2015Public Health Science: A National Conference Dedicated to New Research in UK Public Health
16 November, 2015Axonal Signalling Endosomes: Trafficking Sorting and Disease
16 November, 2015Facing the Gaze of Others: Brain Dynamics of Gaze and Social Contact Perception
23 November, 2015UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience Monday Seminar Programme: Title TBC
25 November, 2015Is depression caused by a hyperactive habenula?
25 November, 2015MRC Prion Unit Events and Seminars: Title TBC
28 November, 2015Countdown 2030
30 November, 2015CLOSER Conference: The Importance of Early Years, Childhood and Adolescence
30 November, 2015UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience Monday Seminar Programme: Title TBC
1 December, 2015Autophagy in ALS
2 December, 2015Frailty Community of Practice - Transforming Services: Looking Through the Eyes of Patients and Carers
7 December, 2015UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience Monday Seminar Programme: Title TBC
10 December, 2015Therapy for Cognitive Impairment in TBI
12 January, 2016The Tale of Two Motor Cortices: Do BA4a and BA4p Have Different Functions in ALS?
9 February, 2016Shredding Light on Dynein-Based Cargo Transport In Vitro and In Vivo
22 February, 2016Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) 2016
24 February, 20162nd Behaviour Change Conference: Digital Health and Wellbeing
30 March, 2016Neurology 2016: Leading Edge Neurology for the Practising Clinician - Pre-Course Symposium
31 March, 2016Neurology 2016: Leading Edge Neurology for the Practising Clinician
27 April, 2016Third Fuse International Conference on Knowledge Exchange in Public Health: Evidence to Impact in Public Health
3 May, 2016Update in Neuromuscular Disorders
27 May, 2016Queen Square Symposium 2016

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