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FKBP51 proteins (light blue) shown in mouse spinal cord tissue

Blocking stress protein relieves chronic pain in mice

A group of drugs being developed to treat mood disorders could also relieve chronic pain, finds new UCL research funded by the Medical Research Council. More...


Understanding the physics of pancakes to save sight

Understanding the textures and patterns of pancakes is helping UCL scientists improve surgical methods for treating glaucoma. More...


UCL launches partnership with Egypt’s New Giza University

UCL and New Giza University have launched an academic partnership to support colleagues from the NGU Faculty of Health Sciences to develop and deliver high quality undergraduate medicine, dentistry and pharmacy programmes in the Cairo region. More...


Rare bleeding disorder diagnosis improved with super-resolution microscopy

Researchers from UCL, the National Physical Laboratory and the Royal Free Hospital have differentiated between patients with a rare bleeding disorder and healthy volunteers using super-resolution microscopy, providing an alternative method for accurately and cost-effectively diagnosing rare platelet diseases. More...

Map showing the countries included in the study

Resistance to key HIV drug ‘concerningly common’

HIV drug resistance to tenofovir, an antiretroviral drug vital to most modern HIV treatment and prevention strategies, is surprisingly and worryingly common according to a large study led by UCL and funded by the Wellcome Trust.


12 February, 2016UCL School of Pharmacy seminar: TBC
15 February, 2016Human antibody responses in dengue point to a new vaccine candidate
16 February, 2016Frontiers in digital health: big data difficulties
16 February, 2016Shredding light on dynein-based cargo transport in vitro and in vivo
17 February, 2016Multiple psychosocial stressors in the home environment, childhood obesity and social emotional development over the first decade of life in the Millennium Cohort Study
18 February, 2016The pathogenesis of experimental cerebral malaria
19 February, 2016Active inference models of learning and decision-making
22 February, 2016Conference on retroviruses and opportunistic infections (CROI) 2016
22 February, 2016Fun & games: digital learning, training and rehabilitation
22 February, 2016Learning about tuberculosis from the zebrafish
22 February, 2016MiniMD cancer
22 February, 2016RecommendMe: launch evening and audience ‘tryathon’
22 February, 2016UCLPartners heart failure: making it better together
23 February, 2016An Experimental Psychology seminar: Title TBC
24 February, 20162nd Behaviour Change conference: digital health and wellbeing
24 February, 2016London Stroke Forum
25 February, 2016Advanced epilepsy lecture: from pathophysiology to prevention of SUDEP
25 February, 2016Economic irrationality is optimal during noisy decision-making
25 February, 2016ICH rare diseases elevator pitch event
25 February, 2016Lunch Hour Lectures: childhood maltreatment through the lens of neuroscience and epigenetics
25 February, 2016Memory states influence value-based decision making
25 February, 2016Virtual virology seminar series
25 February, 2016Webinar: introduction to CLOSER discovery
26 February, 2016ALS seminar series
29 February, 2016Improving vaccine immunogenicity by modulation of viral immunomodulators
29 February, 2016Self-care, shared care: rethinking the management of long-term conditions
29 February, 2016SenSyT seminar series: on the potentials of citizen science
1 March, 2016#DataSavesLives: using health data to improve public health
1 March, 2016Anatomical basis of interindividual differences in visual processing
1 March, 2016UCL Research Department of Epidemiology & Public Health '1pm' seminar series
2 March, 2016Wolfson Annual Symposium 2016 - neurodegeneration: using genetics to understand pathogenesis and facilitate early diagnosis
3 March, 2016Lysosomal storage pathology in frontotemporal dementia patients with a CHMP2B mutation; early stage lysosomal trafficking defects
3 March, 2016UCL Institute of Immunity and Transplantation seminar series
7 March, 2016Atlas-based segmentation of MR images of skeletal muscle: a promising strategy for follow-up studies
7 March, 2016Resilience in early old age: defining “risk”
7 March, 2016Size matters: the immune and hematological consequences of splenomegaly in visceral leishmaniasis
7 March, 2016The signal and the noise: a neural-oscillations perspective on the listening brain
7 March, 2016UCL Centre for Immunodeficiency winter school: advances in primary immunodeficiency
8 March, 2016An Experimental Psychology seminar: title TBC
8 March, 2016Lunch Hour Lectures: reproduction without sex: what does technology have to offer?
9 March, 2016ECN event - grantsmanship mentoring for early career researchers
10 March, 2016Challenge on Dementia 2020: putting words into action
10 March, 2016ECN event - public engagement and media relations at UCL
11 March, 2016NEETs and long term health in the ONS Longitudinal Study
14 March, 2016Going around in circles: what does plasmid maintenance tell us about shigella
14 March, 2016Joint stem cell workshop
14 March, 2016Mental health research at the Institute of Child Health and Great Ormond Street Hospital – research into practice
15 March, 2016(Re-)organisation of language and auditory processing in the congenitally blind (anophthalmic) brain
15 March, 2016Miro mitochondrial GTPases in neuronal development, maintenance and death
15 March, 2016UK Neuro-Ophthalmology Society 8th annual meeting: the visual brain: order and disorder
16 March, 2016UK Neuro-ophthalmology Society 8th annual meeting: ocular motility symposium
17 March, 2016UCL Institute of Immunity and Transplantation seminar series
17 March, 2016Virtual virology seminar series
21 March, 2016Cardiology in the young 2016
21 March, 2016Proteomic and live cell analysis of HSV-1 infection
21 March, 2016SenSyT seminar series: does philosophy make sense?
22 March, 2016UK Neuromuscular Translational Research Conference 2016
23 March, 2016UCL & LSHTM TB Symposium
24 March, 2016Psychodynamic Neuroscience Research meeting: the conscious ID: an introduction to neuropsychoanalysis
30 March, 2016Neurology 2016: leading edge neurology for the practising clinician - pre-course Symposium
31 March, 2016HCC UK first annual conference
31 March, 2016Neurology 2016: leading edge neurology for the practising clinician
5 April, 2016UCL Research Department of Epidemiology & Public Health '1pm' seminar series
6 April, 2016Differential roles of somatic inhibition in interictal and ictal discharges
11 April, 2016Annual course: neuroradiology & functional neuroanatomy
12 April, 2016ALS seminar: title TBC
14 April, 2016The meaning of movements
14 April, 2016UCL Institute of Immunity and Transplantation seminar series
18 April, 2016Dystrophin: structure/function/localisation relationship in skeletal and cardiac muscles
21 April, 2016Institute of Movement Neuroscience Seminars: title TBC
21 April, 2016Silvering the cerebrum, a symposium investigating art, science and brain banking
25 April, 2016SenSyT seminar series: reference-classes and clinical trials
27 April, 2016A view of cortex from the thalamus
27 April, 2016Third fuse international conference on knowledge exchange in public health: evidence to impact in public health
28 April, 2016News about transcranial electrical stimulation (tES)
28 April, 2016UCL Institute of Immunity and Transplantation seminar series
3 May, 2016Myotonic Dystrophy Type 2: an unrecognized disorder with more differences than similarities from Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1
3 May, 2016Update in neuromuscular disorders
12 May, 2016TMS-EEG in the exploration of cortical connectivity
12 May, 2016UCL Institute of Immunity and Transplantation seminar series
17 May, 2016Protein arginine methylation and the control of neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation
19 May, 2016Contribution of thalamic pulvinar to cortical spatial representations and visuomotor decisions
21 May, 2016Slade BA/ BFA Degree Show
24 May, 2016Neuroscience Career Network: workshop on fellowship and grant interviews
25 May, 2016Experimental design, statistics and the 3Rs
26 May, 2016UCL Institute of Immunity and Transplantation seminar series
27 May, 2016Queen Square Symposium 2016
9 June, 2016UCL Institute of Immunity and Transplantation seminar series
14 June, 2016Improving the outlook for motor neurone disease: the journey so far
20 June, 2016Understanding the function of Protein-RNA interactions, and their dysfunction in disease
23 June, 2016UCL Institute of Immunity and Transplantation seminar series
6 July, 2016A journey through a hot day. thermoregulation of sleep in Drosophila melanogaster
7 July, 2016UCL Institute of Immunity and Transplantation seminar series
13 September, 2016Transcriptional profiling of early pathophysiological changes in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
19 September, 2016Bone marrow gene therapy - extending its application to multi system disorders
17 October, 2016Using human stem cell models to understand motor neuron development and disease: creative destruction
20 October, 2016Intrinsic optical changes in mammalian nerve terminals (and dense core vesicles as calcium amplifiers)
21 November, 2016New insights into rare muscle glycogen storage disorders

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