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Publications and Talks


Prof Serge Plattard 'Is Space the New Battlefield?' given at Académie de Savoie on September 16, 2020. 

The Latest Policy Trends of Satellite Data Utilisation in the UK by Eiki Yanata, London Institute of Space Policy and Law (ISPL), 17th March 2020.




1 O'Clock Space Lecture Series


1 O'Clock Space Lecture 6th of October 2019 given by Prof Alan Smith on 'Living on the Moon: Why, Where, When, Who, How'.

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1 O'Clock Space Lecture 11 December 2019 given by Prof Serge Plattard on 'How Vulnerable are Space Activities?'

Space Poster Lecture

1 O'Clock Space Lecture 5th February 2020 given by Prof Sarah Matthews on 'Living with a Star'

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One O'clock Space Webinar 21st May 2020 given by Prof Graziella Branduardi Raymont "The SMILE mission: A novel way to explore solar-terrestrial interactions"

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One O'clock Webinar 28th May 2020 given by Choong Ling Liew-Cain "A machine learning tool for characterizing the evolution of nearby galaxies". 

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One O'clock Space Webinar 25th of June 2020 given by Robin H. Brand on "Skylark, Britain's First Space Rocket"

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Past recorded Apex Seminars available to watch.

Conference Summary

Summary Report for the 12th European Space Policy Conference held in Brussels, 21-22 January 2020 put together by the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI), Vienna, Austria.

 Australian UK Spacebridge Webinar January 2020



Useful Research & Collaboration Links for ECRs and Postgraduate Students


Catapult Satelitte Applications UK


Innovation and Collabortaion Centre University of South Australia 


UCL Space Domain Newsletter Archive



Presentations from Space Week 13-17 May 2019 at UCL. 

Tawney, T. (2019). NASA’s Plans for Going Forward to the Moon. [OER] University College London, OER repository. London. URI: https://open-education-repository.ucl.ac.uk/id/eprint/570.