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APEX Seminar Recordings

Recordings of the Astrobiology and Planetary Exploration (APEX) seminars from the current, or most recent, term are available here, where permission has been granted by the speakers.

Please note that these recordings are licensed for educational use only.

  • APEX Seminar 2022-03-24: "Update from the UK Space Agency" - Dr Sarah-Jane Gill (UKSA).

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  • APEX Seminar 2022-03-17: "Subpixel topography retrieval of Mars using single-image DTM estimation and super-resolution restoration" - Yu Tao (MSSL), and "A fragment of the lunar mantle?" - Prof Hilary Downes (BBK).

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  • APEX Seminar 2022-03-10: "Comparison of organo-mineral biosignatures in dolomitic stromatolites from the palaeo-proterozoic" - Farideh Raiss-Tousi (UCL).

  • APEX Seminar 2022-03-03: "Benefits of unified transit and eclipse atmospheric retrievals on exoplanets" - Lorenzo Pica Ciamarra (UCL). 

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  • APEX Seminar 2022-02-24: "Origin and early evolution of metabolic networks" - Dr Joana Xavier (UCL). 

    Please note the audio of this recording is slightly affected by intermittant network issues experienced during the talk.

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  • APEX Seminar 2022-02-03: "Looking for biosignatures: Lessons from the ALH84001 meteorite" - Dr Frances Westall (CNRS)

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  • APEX Seminar 2022-01-27: "Avenues for the regulation of planetary habitability by stellar processes" - Dr Manasvi Lingam (Florida Tech)
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  • APEX Seminar 2022-01-20: "Effects of land and ice albedo feedbacks on the climate and habitability of terrestrial exoplanets orbiting M-dwarf stars" - Dr Andrew Rushby (Birkbeck)

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