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APEX Seminar Recordings

Recordings of the Astrobiology and Planetary Exploration (APEX) seminars from the current, or most recent, term are available here, where permission has been granted by the speakers.

Please note that these recordings are licensed for educational use only.

  • APEX Seminar 2022-10-13: "Far future Earth: Geological traces of the Anthropocene" - Prof Jan Zalasiewicz (Leicester)

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  • APEX Seminar 2022-10-20: "Mixing in the early Solar System as evidenced by Angrite meteorites" - Ben Rider-Stokes (OU)
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  • APEX Seminar 2022-10-27: "Best practices and guidelines addressing celestial bodies’ science-based stewardship" - Prof Serge Plattard (UCL) and "ISRU and living matter: A national space resources legislations perspective" - Mukesh Bhatt (Birkbeck)

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  • APEX Seminar 2022-11-03: "How the Earth shaped human history" - Prof Lewis Dartnell (Westminster)

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  • APEX Seminar 2022-11-17: "Cooler & brighter: Detecting key new transiting exoplanetary systems using ESA CHEOPS" - Dr Hugh Osborn (Bern)

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  • APEX Seminar 2022-11-24: "Automated magnetospheric boundary detection using threshold and deep learning methods" - Matthew Cheng (UCL), and "Particle motion in the Jovian magnetosphere" - Dr Dimitrios Millas (UCL)
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  • APEX Seminar 2022-12-01: "Recent surface changes at the Apollo 17 landing site" - Dr Giulia Magnarini (NHM)

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  • APEX Seminar 2022-12-08: "Planetary Intelligence - cognition as a factor in planetary evolution" - Dr David Grinspoon (Planetary Science Institute, USA)

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  • APEX Seminar 2022-12-015: "The oscillatory geochemical origin of life" - Dr Dominic Papineau (UCL)

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