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APEX recordings from 2023/24 Term 1

Recordings of the Astrobiology and Planetary Exploration (APEX) seminars from 2023/24 Term 1 are available here, where permission has been granted by the speakers.


Please note that these recordings are licensed for educational use only.

  • APEX Seminar 2023-10-13: "The effects of dust on Mars' induced magnetosphere" - Catherine Regan (MSSL)

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  • APEX Seminar 2023-10-20: "Accounting for the apparent absence of extraterrestrial civilisations: Is it the Zoo Hypothesis or nothing?" - Professor Ian Crawford (Birkbeck)

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  • APEX Seminar 2023-10-27: "A new metric for assessing surface habitability" - Hannah Woodward (Birkbeck) and "Assessing the feasibility of photosynthesis on Earth-like planets using atmospheric modelling" - Katy Browning (Birkbeck)

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  • APEX Seminar 2023-11-03: "Glacier-Like Forms on Mars: Impact crater records as evidence for polyphase glaciation across the Amazonian period" - Graham Driver (Birkbeck)

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  •  APEX Seminar 2023-11-10: "Exploring the limits of biosignature detection in the Martian analogue deposits of Lake Salda" - Connor Ballard (UCL-MSSL)

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