The Centre for Planetary Sciences at UCL / Birkbeck


APEX Seminars

The interdisciplinary Astrobiology and Planetary Exploration (APEX) seminars take place during teaching terms 1 and 2, with talks by invited CPS and external speakers on a variety of relevant topics.

APEX seminars this term will be held weekly on Thursdays from 1-2 pm.  All meetings will be accessible online via Zoom. Some meetings will also be held in a hybrid format in the G22 Lecture Theatre of the North West Wing at UCL. Details can be found in the programme below but the lastest information will be advertised in advance of each meeting.

If you are not on our regular mailing lists and are interested in attending these seminars, please contact joanna.fabbri AT ucl.ac.uk.

Please note, our schedule this term has been impacted by industrial action and is subject to change.

APEX Programme 2022/23 - Term 2

26 January (hybrid)Rob Spaargaren (ETH Zurich)Diversity of rocky exoplanets: compositional aspects of planet formation and evolution
2 February (hybrid)Claire Guimond (Cambridge)Land, sea, and scaling laws: A geophysical perspective on the ocean capacities of rocky planets
16 FebruaryNO APEXUCL Reading Week
23 February (hybrid)Dr Colin Goldblatt (Uni. of Victoria)Clouds, the Faint Young Sun, and the climate states of Earth
2 March (hybrid)Qasim Afghan (MSSL)Analysing fine scale structures in the dust tail of Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3)
9 March (online)Dr Affelia Wibisono (MSSL)X-ray Emissions from Jupiter
16 March (online)Prof Andrew Coates (MSSL)Latest news on the ExoMars Rosalind Franklin rover mission 2028
23 March (hybrid)Prof Ian Crawford (Birkbeck)Who speaks for humanity? Some political implications of astrobiology

As these are research talks, a background in planetary science or related fields is useful to get the most out of the APEX seminars, but we welcome attendance from all those who are interested in these topics, especially our undergraduate and postgraduate students.

APEX speakers

We are always looking for new speakers and stimulating topics in the broad fields of astrobiology and planetary exploration. If you are interested in giving an APEX seminar, we would love to hear from you! Please contact the programme coordinator, Dr Andrew Rushby (a.rushby AT bbk.ac.uk).