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Paul Gilroy_thumbnail
Professor Paul Gilroy

Co-Director (Founding Director)
Professor of the Humanities

Tariq Jazeel thumbnail
Professor Tariq Jazeel

Professor of Human Geography


Academic Staff

Luke de Noronha_thumbnail
Dr Luke de Noronha

Lecturer in Race, Ethnicity & Postcolonial Studies

Paige Patchin_thumbnail
Dr Paige Patchin

Lecturer in Race, Ethnicity & Postcolonial Studies

Research Staff

Gala Rexer  thumbnail
Dr Gala Rexer

Research Fellow

Pavan Manogaran_thumbnail
Dr Pavan Manogaran

Research Fellow

Past Staff

Past Research Staff

Subhadra Das_thumbnail
Subhadra Das

Researcher in Critical Eugenics

Jess Hannah_thumbnail
Dr Jess Hannah


Past Professional Services Staff

Kaissa Karhu_thumbnail
Kaissa Karhu


Faculty Associates

Lara Choksey_thumbnail
Dr Lara Choksey

Lecturer in Colonial and Postcolonial Literatures in English (English Language and Literature)

Clive Nwonka
Dr Clive Nwonka

Associate Professor in Film, Culture and Society (Institute of Advanced Studies)


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Tej Adeleye

Activist-in-Residence 2021/22

Awate Suleiman thumbnail
Awate Suleiman

Activist-in-Residence 2021/22

Past Activists-in-Residence

Ashish Ghadiali_thumbnail
Ashish Ghadiali

Activist-in-Residence 2020/21

Tony Warner_thumbnail
Tony Warner

Activist-in-Residence 2020/21

Honorary & Visiting Fellows

Gargi Bhattacharyya_thumbnail
Professor Gargi Bhattacharyya

Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Ida Danewid_thumbnail
Dr Ida Danewid

Visiting Research Fellow

Adam Elliott-Cooper_thumbnail
Dr Adam Elliott-Cooper

Visiting Research Fellow

Maya Goodfellow_thumbnail
Dr Maya Goodfellow

Visiting Research Fellow

Affiliated Staff

Dr Feryal Awan, Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Race, Gender and Postcolonial Studies (BASc - Arts and Sciences)

Prof Zoltán Biedermann, Professor of Early Modern History (SELCS)

Dr Jeff Bowersox, Associate Professor of German History (SELCS)

Dr Caroline Bressey, Cultural and Historical Geographer (Geography)

Dr Fabien Cante, Lecturer (Teaching) in Urban & Development Geography (Geography)

Mr Darren Chetty, Lecturer (BASc - Arts and Sciences)

Dr Lara Choksey, Lecturer in Colonial and Postcolonial Literatures in English (English Language and Literature)

Dr Michael Collins, Associate Professor of Modern British History (History)

Dr Maria Chiara D'Argenio, Associate Professor (SELCS)

Dr Paulo Drinot, Professor of Latin American History (Institute of the Americas)

Prof Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Professor of Migration and Refugee Studies (History of Art)

Dr Kate Gaddini, Lecturer (IOE - Social Research Institute)

Prof Tamar Garb, During Lawrence Professor in the History of Art (History of Art)

Prof Lee Grieveson, Professor of Media History (SELCS)

Dr Zoe Hyman, Lecturer in US History (Institute of the Americas)

Prof Alan Ingram, Professor of Geopolitics (Geography)

Dr Anne Irfan, Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Race, Gender and Postcolonial Studies (BASc - Arts and Sciences)

Prof Tariq Jazeel, Professor of Human Geography and Co-director of Centre for the Study of South Asia and the Indian Ocean World (Geography)

Dr Kesewa John, Associate Lecturer (Teaching) in Caribbean History, (Institute of the Americas)

Dr Maki Kimura, Lecturer in Gender and Politics (Political Science)

Dr James Kneale, Associate Professor (Geography)

Prof Alan Latham, Professor of Human Geography (Geography)

Dr Marcas Mag Oireachtaigh, Lecturer in Social Anthropology (Anthropology)

Dr Kavita Maya, Associate Lecturer (Teaching) in Qualitative Research Methods (Political Science)

Dr Hélène Neveu Kringelbach, Associate Professor of African Anthropology (Anthropology/SELCS)

Dr Clive Nwonka, Associate Professor in Film, Culture and Society (IAS)

Prof Ann Phoenix, Professor of Psychosocial Studies (Institute of Education)

Prof Christopher Pinney, Professor of Anthropology and Visual Culture (Anthropology)

Dr Victoria Redclift, Associate Professor of Political Sociology (IOE - Social Research Institute)

Prof Benedetta Rossi, Professor in the History and Anthropology of Africa (History)

Dr Victoria Showunmi, Lecturer (IOE - Education, Practice & Society)

Prof Matthew Smith, Professor of History and Director of the Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slave-ownership (History)

Dr Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen, Senior Lecturer in Scandinavian Literature (SELCS)

Prof Megan Vaughan, Professor of African History & Health (Institute of Advanced Studies)

Dr Keren Weitzberg, Lecturer (History)

Dr Tom Western, Lecturer in Social and Cultural Geography (Geography)

Dr Ralph Wilde, Associate Professor (Laws)

Dr Joanna Wilkin, Lecturer in Social and Geographic Data Science (Geography)

Dr Christine (Xine) Yao, Lecturer in American Literature in English to 1900 (English Language and Literature)

External Affiliates

Prof Bénédicte Boisseron, Professor of Afroamerican and African Studies, University of Michigan

Prof Marlene L Daut, Professor of African Diaspora Studies in the Carter G. Woodson Institute and the Program in American Studies, University of Virginia

Prof Jacob Dlamini, Assistant Professor of History, Princeton University

Dr Josie Gill, Senior Lecturer in Black British Writing, University of Bristol

Prof Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Director of the Center for Place, Culture and Politics, CUNY Graduate Center

Prof David Theo Goldberg, Director of the University of California Humanities Research Institute

Dr Francio Guadeloupe, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Amsterdam

Prof William Henry, Professor of Criminology and Sociology, University of West London

Prof Achille Mbembe, Research Professor at the Wits Institute For Social and Economic Research, University of the Witwatersrand

Dr Michael McEachrane, Visiting Researcher, Raoul Wallenberg Institute, and Founding and Consultative Member of the European Network of People of African Descent

Dr Anna Rastas, Senior Lecturer and Adjunct professor of Social Anthropology, Tampere University

Prof Robert Reid-Pharr, Professor of African and African American Studies, and Professor of Studies of Women, Gender and Sexuality, Harvard University

Dr Matthieu Renault, Associate Professor, University Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis

Dr Olivia U. Rutazibwa, Assistant Professor in Human Rights and Politics, London School of Economics and Political Science

Dr Sirpa Salenius, Senior Lecturer in Foreign Languages and Translation Studies, University of Eastern Finland

Dr Suzanne Scafe, Visiting Professor, University of Brighton

Dr Camilla Schofield, Senior Lecturer in Modern History, University of East Anglia

Prof Nikhil Pal Singh, Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis and History, and Faculty Director of the NYU Prison Education Program, New York University

Prof Gloria Wekker, Professor Emeritus, Utrecht University

Dr Joy White, Lecturer in Applied Social Studies, University of Bedfordshire

Prof Patricia J Williams, University Distinguished Professor of Law and Humanities, Northeastern University

Advisory Group

Prof Stella Bruzzi, Professor of Film, Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Prof Jennifer Hudson, Professor of Political Behaviour, and Dean of the Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences

Prof Nicola Miller, Director of the Institute of Advanced Studies, and Professor of Latin American History (History)

Prof Tamar Garb, During Lawrence Professor in the History of Art (History of Art)

Prof Tariq Jazeel, Professor of Human Geography (Geography)

Dr Michael Sulu, Lecturer (Biochemical Engineering)

Dr Christine (Xine) Yao, Lecturer in American Literature in English to 1900 (English Language and Literature)