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The Sarah Parker Remond Centre is committed to the production of new, historically-informed, critical knowledge addressed to some of the most urgent social and political questions of our time. Its affiliates explore the impact of racism, scientific, metaphysical and cultural, on the development of all varieties of academic inquiry. There is particular interest in the complex legacies of race-thinking across the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as the continuing effects of racialised inequality in the workings of government, law, the arts, culture, science, technology and social life.

Though history is at the centre of our approach, we are strategically invested in building a programme of future-oriented research in several key areas:

  1. The impact of racial divisions and racial hierarchy on the social and political life of data
  2. The significance of climate emergency for post- and neocolonial relations 
  3. The continuing significance of race, racism and the inequalities they generate in relation to health and medicine


Perspectives seminar series

Perspectives on Racialisation, Gender & Feminist Methodologies seminar series

Perspectives on Racialisation, Gender & Feminist Methodologies seminar series 2022-23, organised by Dr Gala Rexer

Black Atlantic Innovation Network

Black Atlantic Innovation Network

The Black Atlantic Innovation Network will see UCL’s SPRC provide strategic support to leading arts, heritage and education organisations & facilitate the emergence of collaborative future strategies within and across sectors.

Sasha Huber, The Firsts – Sarah Parker Remond, 2021_8x5

The Firsts – Sarah Parker Remond

A commissioned portrait, from multidisciplinary visual artist-researcher Sasha Huber, commemorating the remarkable life of Sarah Parker Remond (1826–1894)

SPR plaque

Sarah Parker Remond plaque unveiling

The amazing 19th century freedom fighter, intellectual and doctor has been honoured with a Nubian Jak plaque

Sensing the Planet

Sensing the Planet: A Black Atlantic symposium

Black Atlantic: a cultural partnership at the intersection of race, art, ecology and climate justice, co-established by UCL's SPRC, Serpentine Galleries, Royal Court Theatre and Dartington Trust

Making and Mobilising difference

Making and Mobilising difference: virtual exhibition on the history of eugenics

A virtual exhibition on the history of eugenics and scientific racism at UCL as told through objects in its collections, drawing on work by MA Museum Studies students

European Commission

Beyond Boycott: Musical Internationalism and the Making of Race in Apartheid South Africa

A close look at artists protesting racial segregation: this EU-funded Beyond Boycott project will investigate the question of how cultural exchange and political activism interact

What Does Eugenics Mean To Us? 800x500

Podcast series: What Does Eugenics Mean To Us?

Subhadra Das speaks to researchers at UCL and beyond in conversations across the disciplinary divides. Together, they discuss, examine, critique and explode eugenic thinking



Highlighting important research and conversations on racism and racialisation, with contributions from academics, activists and cultural practitioners

UCL South Wing

MPhil & PhD Students

Check out our PhD students working on research projects on race and racism under the supervision of our lecturers


Racism and Racialisation PhD group

The Racism and Racialisation PhD group is comprised of UCL postgraduate research students working on issues surrounding race and racism


Race, Ethnicity & Postcolonial Studies Reading Group

Staff, activists-in-residence, research fellows, and students connected to the SPRC are keen to host and organise reading groups

Black People's Day of Action 1981

The Black People's Day of Action 40 years on

Marking the 40th anniversary, find out more about the Black People’s Day of Action that took place on 2nd March 1981

Black People's Day of Action 1981

The Black People's Day of Action 1981: Online Exhibition

An online exhibition of photographs from Vron Ware, capturing The Black People's Day of Action, March 2nd 1981


Towards a Planetary More-than-Humanities and Social Sciences for Just Transitions:

Exploring the Intersections of Race and Climate Justice

Black Atlantic Sylvie

Black Atlantic

A weekend of public programming where participants are invited to consider how far racial equity and inclusion can serve as creative tactics for the imagination of just and sustainable planetary futures here and now.

Open City

Open City

A season of decolonial art and public programming presented by Radical Ecology and partners through the autumn of 2023 that invites artists, activists and thinkers from across south-west England to listen, walk and dream together as we explore the essential role of inclusive civic spaces in creating just and sustainable planetary futures here and now.