Sarah Parker Remond Centre



The Sarah Parker Remond Centre is committed to the production of new, historically-informed, critical knowledge addressed to some of the most urgent social and political questions of our time. Its affiliates explore the impact of racism, scientific, metaphysical and cultural, on the development of all varieties of academic inquiry. There is particular interest in the complex legacies of race-thinking across the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as the continuing effects of racialised inequality in the workings of government, law, the arts, culture, science, technology and social life.

Though history is at the centre of our approach, we are strategically invested in building a programme of future-oriented research in several key areas:

  1. The impact of racial divisions and racial hierarchy on the social and political life of data
  2. The significance of climate emergency for post- and neocolonial relations 
  3. The continuing significance of race, racism and the inequalities they generate in relation to health and medicine