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Black Atlantic Innovation Network

The past decade has seen active engagement by cultural institutions in England with efforts to strengthen equality, diversity and inclusion and processes of ecological sustainability and decolonisation within organisations. Funded by UCL Innovation & Enterprise and co-chaired by Professor Paul Gilroy and Ashish Ghadiali, the Black Atlantic Innovation Network will see UCL’s Sarah Parker Remond Centre provide strategic support to leading arts, heritage and education organisations in taking stock of work already undertaken in these areas, exploring objectives, challenges and best practices and facilitating the emergence of collaborative future strategies within and across sectors.

Founding partners include Serpentine Galleries, the National Trust and the National Education Union and working groups will be co-led by Lucia Pietroiusti (Arts), Professor Rodney Harrison (Heritage) and Professor Tariq Jazeel (Education).

For further information, please contact Ashish Ghadiali, Co-Chair of the Black Atlantic Innovation Network - a.ghadiali@ucl.ac.uk.


Event: Equilibrium: A Public Gathering on Environmental Justice

A public gathering focused on environmental justice, held on the occasion of the presentation of Sun & Sea - 9 July 2022

Sensing the Planet

Sensing the Planet: A Black Atlantic symposium

Black Atlantic: a cultural partnership at the intersection of race, art, ecology and climate justice, co-established by UCL's SPRC, Serpentine Galleries, Royal Court Theatre and Dartington Trust


Meet the team

Co-Chairs of the Black Atlantic Innovation Network

Paul Gilroy_thumbnail
Professor Paul Gilroy

Professor of the Humanities / Director of UCL'sSarah Parker Remond Centre

Ashish Ghadiali_thumbnail
Ashish Ghadiali

Activist, Wretched of the Earth / Former Activist-in-Residence at UCL's Sarah Parker Remond Centre


Rodney Harrison thumbnail
Professor Rodney Harrison (Heritage)

Professor of Heritage Studies, UCL Institute of Archeology

Tariq Jazeel thumbnail
Professor Tariq Jazeel (Education)

Professor of Human Geography, UCL Department of Geography

Lucia Pietroiusti thumbnail
Lucia Pietroiusti (Arts)

Curator / Strategic Consultant for Ecology, Serpentine Galleries


This page was published 8 March 2022.