Sarah Parker Remond Centre


Ashish Ghadiali

Co-Chair of the Black Atlantic Innovation Network

Activist-in-Residence, March - September 2021

Sarah Parker Remond Centre, Institute of Advanced Studies

Ashish Ghadiali is Radical Ecology’s Founder/Director, Co-Chair (with Professor Paul Gilroy) of the Black Atlantic Innovation Network and Co-Principal Investigator (with Professor Tim Lenton) of Addressing the New Denialism, a programme of research and public engagement backed by the Open Society Foundations that has culminated in the influential 2023 paper, Quantifying the Human Cost of Global Warming (of which he is also co-author) for the journal Nature Sustainability. He is currently at work as lead author on the publication, Towards a New Global Architecture for Climate Finance, on a book project, Dart River for Hutchinson Heinemann on psychogeographies of empire in the landscapes of South Devon, and as curator of the contemporary art exhibition, Against Apartheid, for Radical Ecology and KARST (opens in September 2023). Ashish is also a regular contributor to The Guardian and The Observer newspapers and a practicing filmmaker with recent credits including the 5-screen film installation, Planetary Imagination (2023) for The Box and the feature documentary, The Confession (2016) for the British Film Institute and BBC Storyville.