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Frequently Asked Questions

You will find our most frequently asked questions for our Graduate offer holders below.

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Postgraduate Offer Holder FAQs

Can I have a hard copy version of my offer letter?

We are unable to issue hard copy offer letters. However, a PDF copy of your offer letter should be available to you on the offer page of your applicant portal. If it is not available, please contact us.

Can I change my mode of attendance?

If you wish to change your mode of attendance, please submit a request to Graduate Admissions. Please ensure that you are only requesting to change to a mode of attendance which is available. You can check this by visiting the prospectus page of your chosen programme of study. 

I have received an offer but would prefer to study on a different programme at UCL. Is it possible to transfer my offer to another programme of study?

It is not possible for you to transfer your offer to another programme. If you would like to be considered for another programme of study, you will need to apply for that programme separately. Please check programme application deadlines in the prospectus. You may only submit applications for a maximum of two graduate programmes in any application cycle.

Can I delay the start date of my research degree?

If you need to delay the start date of your research degree offer, please contact the academic department directly to discuss this further. Once this has been agreed, the academic department should inform their colleagues in the Graduate Admissions Office so that your offer can be updated.

What is the deadline for accepting my offer?  

If no deadline or timeline is indicated in your offer letter, there is no fixed deadline as such, although we would like decisions to be made as soon as possible. This will allow us to prepare for your arrival at UCL and ensure that you receive all the necessary communications you need in preparation to begin your studies at UCL. 

If you are expecting to start your studies in September or October, and you receive your offer after the 30th June and your offer letter does not give a specific date to respond by we strongly encourage you to respond within two weeks and no later than the start date of your programme. 

However, if you will be applying for a student visa, you should aim to accept your unconditional offer as soon as possible to allow enough time for your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number to be issued (you will need this in order to apply) and for your visa application to be processed. We cannot prepare your CAS until you have formally accepted your unconditional offer. 

How do I accept my offer?

You must accept your offer by going to the offer page of your applicant portal. We cannot accept written confirmation of your acceptance via email. 

When do I need to respond to my postgraduate offer?

If your offer letter states a deadline for acceptance please make sure you make your decision before the deadline date. If your offer letter does not state a particular deadline, UCL asks that you respond to this offer of admission within four weeks if possible as this will help us in planning for the current year. If you wish to take longer to decide you do not need to contact us to ask for an extension.

I haven’t accepted my offer yet, can I upload my documents to clear my condition(s)?

You will need to accept your offer to be able to upload your documents. You can upload additional documents by logging into your applicant portal. You can login using the username and password that you used to register for the application system. 

Please note that you are only able to upload documents less than 5 MB in size and in the file formats .doc, .docx, .jpg or .pdf. Please note that .pdf documents are preferred. 

If you are unable to upload a document it may be that you are using an invalid file format or that the item is too large. 

Once you have navigated to where the document you want to upload lives you must also press the Upload button. If you have found the document but not uploaded it, it will appear like this:


Once you have uploaded it the display will change to:


If you do not have the option to upload a document, please call us on +44 (0)20 8059 0939 and ask for your applicant portal to be opened to upload a required document.

If you are uploading a document to clear your condition please remember:
• Only submit a new document once. Duplicates will slow down the process. Please be patient and wait for a decision.
• Only upload documents that we have asked for. Additional irrelevant documents will slow or processes down.
• Do not email your documents to us. You must upload them through your applicant portal. 

I am intending to accept an offer elsewhere, do I need to let you know?

If you are intending to decline your offer please let us know via the offer page of your application portal if you will be declining your offer to study with us. 

How do I know if my offer is conditional?

The offer page of your applicant portal and your offer letter will clearly outline if your offer is conditional and what conditions you will need to meet. 

How do I provide evidence to meet my conditions?

You will be able to upload the documentary evidence to meet the conditions of your offer through the Document Uploads section of your applicant portal. Please note that we cannot accept documents provided by offer holders through email. If you do not have access to the Document Uploads section, please contact us.

The Graduate Admissions Office processes thousands of documents between June and September and we ask for your patience as we may not be able to update your application immediately. Once we have reviewed the documents you have uploaded, we will either update your portal with a final decision or contact you to inform you of how we will proceed your offer to study with us. 

Can my University send my final transcript directly to UCL? 

If you would like to send your transcript to us securely through your University’s transcript service, please provide the email address transcripts.pgadmissions@ucl.ac.uk. Please note that this email address can only be used to provide transcripts directly from your University.

What happens if I have not met the conditions of my offer?

If you hold a degree condition and have not met the condition of your offer please upload evidence of your degree and final grade to the applicant portal so that we can review them. 

We ask that you do not contact us to ask for an update regarding the conditions of your offer, we will update your applicant portal or contact you via email once we have reviewed your documents and have an update for you.

When is the deadline for meeting any conditions of my offer?

September/October starters
In order to ensure that conditional offer holders receive all of the information needed to successfully begin their studies at UCL, we strongly encourage you to provide documentary evidence to clear your condition(s) by the 16th September 2024. However, you will need to take into consideration factors such as the time it takes to apply for a student visa, should you require one. As such we advise that you provide the documents to clear your conditions as soon as you can.

Accepted English language test providers often see a peak in test bookings between May and September so we strongly encourage applicants who need to take a UCL accepted English language test to book a test as soon as possible.

Starting outside of September/October
You have until the formal start date of your programme, unless stated otherwise in your offer letter, to satisfy your condition(s). However, you will need to take into consideration factors such as the time it takes to apply for a student visa, should you require one. It would then be advisable to clear the condition(s) of your offer as soon as possible.

We advise that you provide the documents to clear your conditions as soon as you are able to.

Tuition Fees 

What happens if I do not pay in full by the deadline?

If full payment is not received by the specified deadline, UCL reserves the right to withdraw the offer of admission. If UCL intends to withdraw an offer, the offer holder will be sent an email notification by Graduate Admissions shortly after the payment deadline. If the tuition fee deposit is paid in full during that period the offer will not be withdrawn for non-payment.

How do I pay my tuition fee deposit?

If you have access to your portico account you must pay through our Payment Portal, Flywire, which is accessible through Portico. 

You can no longer pay your tuition fees via PayOnline.

I have a scholarship; am I exempt from paying the tuition fee deposit?

If you have been awarded funding (in the form of an acceptable studentship, scholarship or sponsorship) and that is sufficient to cover the tuition fee deposit in full we will be able to consider exempting you from paying the tuition fee deposit.

You will need to submit a request in the Financial Deposits tab in the applicant portal.

This must include a formal, dated letter of award from the funding body on its letter head and be signed by an authorised officer of the funding body specifying the name of the Offer Holder and the programme of study.

We cannot accept requests for exemption without supporting documentation. 

I am applying for a scholarship; can my deadline be extended until I receive my scholarship decision?

If you have an application for appropriate funding pending, and you will not receive a decision before your tuition fee deposit deadline, UCL may consider extending the deadline for you.

You will need to submit a request in the Financial Deposits tab in the applicant portal.

You will need to provide evidence of the application for funding in the form of a formal letter or email from the funding body. The document must include the name of the offer holder, the scholarship applied for and, if possible, the expected date of decision.

Should UCL agree to extend the deadline, full payment must be made by the extended deadline or exemption agreed.

How do I provide UCL with my scholarship award letter?

Once you have received your scholarship award letter, please go to the Financial Deposits tab in your applicant portal and provide the evidence of your scholarship.

How do I request an exemption or an extension to the deadline of my deposit payment?

To check if you can extend the deadline, please read Section 5 of the deposit policy. If one of the categories applies to you, please make the request in the Financial Deposit tab in your applicant portal. 

How do I appeal my fee status?

Once UCL gives its definitive assessment, which will be outlined in either your offer letter or correspondence following the completion of a fee status questionnaire, you have three months to appeal in writing. Please complete the contact form if you would like to appeal your fee status.

Appeals are handled by the Director of Access and Admissions who will communicate the appeal decision to you in writing. The final right of appeal is to the Registrar and must be made within three months of the initial appeal decision.

If the fee status is undetermined at the start of your studies, UCL policy is to invoice at the Overseas fee rate. Should you subsequently be re-assessed as eligible for UK fees the appropriate refund of fees would be made.

How do I pay my fees?

For information on how to pay your fees please visit our Pay my Fees webpages. 

When should I pay my fees?

When you need to pay your fees depends on when your programme starts and your mode of attendance. For more information, please visit our When to pay your fees webpage. 

Can I get a tuition fee invoice?

An automated official UCL tuition fee payment receipt will be emailed within two working days of your payment being entered into UCL’s system. The email will be sent to a student's UCL email account and to any alternative email account entered during the payment process. Enrolled students can also print receipts and invoices through Portico.

Postgraduate Deferrals FAQs

Is a deferral allowed for my programme?  

Please go to our deferring your graduate taught offer webpage for more information about UCL’s deferral policy.

I deferred my offer to September 2025 but wish to start this year, what should I do?

If you have already deferred your offer but would now like to start this year you will need to contact the academic department directly to check if a place is still available for you. If they are happy for your offer to be reinstated this year the academic department will need to inform Graduate Admissions directly.

I deferred from September 2023 to September 2024 can I defer again to start in September 2025?

An application cannot be deferred twice. Applicants wanting to defer for two years must re-apply and be considered as a new application in competition with other applicants.


I am an international student and need a student visa to study in the UK. When will my CAS be issued (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies)?

We usually start to contact Offer-Holders in late Spring/Early summer and start to issue CAS numbers shortly after. 

From the end of May, please accept your offer as soon as possible but ideally by mid May, then the email can be sent directing you to complete the Student Visa task. 

If you intend to renew passport do not complete the task.

International students holding an unconditional offers: Please ensure that you have updated your student visa information through your UCL online portal so we can process your application as quickly as possible.

International students holding a conditional offer: You will be asked to confirm that the details we hold about you on record are correct. If anything is incorrect or missing you will be asked to supply this information. Upon receipt of your responses and once your offer is unconditional firm, UCL will aim to issue your CAS as soon as we can. 

Do I require a visa to study at UCL?

If you are UK national, Republic of Ireland national, a citizen of a Crown Dependency or have Pre-settled or Settled status you will not require a visa to study at UCL. 
Most other students will usually require a student visa to study at UCL if they are coming to study in the UK for more than 6 months. However, a number of different UK visas will still allow you to study in the UK so please visit our student visa webpages to check which visa you will need. 

My programme is less than 6 months in duration. What visa will I need?

The standard visitor visa can be used for those coming to the UK for short periods of study (up to 6 months). Details of how to apply for a standard visitor visa can be found on our visas and immigration webpages. 

How do I apply for a student visa?

You can only apply for a student visa once you hold an unconditional offer. For more information about applying for a student visa please visit our Visas and Immigration webpages. 

I have been asked to confirm my details in order to receive a CAS number, but I am applying for a new passport, what should I do?

If you have been asked to confirm your details in order to receive a CAS but intend to renew your passport before applying for your visa please do not complete the task until you have received your new passport.

Will the two-year post-study work visa be in effect next year? (Graduate Immigration Route)

On 11 September 2019 the UK Government announced the creation of a new immigration route which enables international students to remain in the UK for two years after they have completed their studies.  

The Graduate Route is available to international students who have successfully completed a degree at undergraduate level or above at a Higher Education Provider with a track record of compliance and who have a valid student visa at the time of application. 

The Graduate Route replaces the Doctorate Extension Scheme visa.

Further information about the new visa route can be found on the UCL Graduate Route page

Pre-arrival information

Please ensure that you are aware of the latest travel rules and regulations on our International Students pages.

Can you put me in touch with other new students on my programme?

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet students from your programme as well as other programmes during the Enrolment and Freshers week. You may also wish to search for UCL Freshers 2024 groups on Facebook. You can also chat to current UCL students via our ‘Unibuddy’ platform, a link to which you can find at the top of this webpage.

Does UCL provide an airport pickup service?

UCL does not offer an airport pick up service as London is well-served by transport links and UCL is located in the Bloomsbury district at the very centre of London. There are easy connections to UCL from London’s global hub airports at Heathrow and Gatwick and you will find that London’s extensive public transport system is convenient and easy to use.

Finding your way to UCL from the airport 

What safety measures have been put in place on campus to protect the health of the students and staff?

For the most up-to-date guidance on safety, please see Keeping safe on campus.

Pre-enrolment and Enrolment

What is pre-enrolment?

Pre-enrolment allows you to confirm that the information we hold about you and your programme is correct. This includes your personal details and information about your programme itself and your fees.  

If everything is correct, you’ll also have a chance to pay your fees online (or confirm sponsorship if applicable).  

You can easily complete pre-enrolment online on your phone or laptop – it only takes a few minutes to complete.  

As part of pre-enrolment, you’ll also be asked to accept a number of academic and financial regulations, data protection statements, and to confirm your membership with Students’ Union UCL.  

When do I complete pre-enrolment?

When pre-enrolment is available for your programme, you’ll receive an invitation email with a link for you to start the process.  

This email can only be sent once you've accepted your offer and met any conditions. For further information about the pre-enrolment process, please see UCL’s new students pages.

Invitations will be sent from mid-August. Where possible please complete your pre-enrolment prior to the start date of your programme.

When is the deadline for enrolment? 

Please see UCL's webpages for more information regarding enrolment in 2024

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