Graduate Offers Holders


About Your Offer

Read the General Conditions of Entry below before deciding whether to accept your offer.

You may also wish to read the offer-holders next steps section for further information about securing your place with us. 

General Conditions of Entry

The General Conditions of Entry apply to all offer-holders. They apply whether you hold an unconditional or conditional offer.


You must provide evidence (translated into English if applicable) of the qualifications that entitle you to register for your chosen programme.

Read more about providing evidence of your qualifications

Tuition fee status

In accepting the offer to study you agree to pay tuition fees at the rate stated on your offer letter. 

If you want to challenge UCL’s assessment you must write to UCL within three months of the issue date of this letter. 

If your fee status is undetermined, you must return the enclosed fee status questionnaire within three months. 

If your tuition fee status is still undetermined at the start of your programme, UCL will invoice you at the Overseas rate of tuition fees.

UCL decides whether it charges the UK or Overseas rate of tuition fees under the Education (Fees and Awards) (England) Regulations 2007 and its amendments. But UCL will judge each case as it sees fit, at its absolute discretion.

Find our more about student fee status

Tuition fees

In accepting the offer to study you accept responsibility for the payment to UCL of the tuition fees in respect of your programme. Although, UCL understands that a sponsor may in fact pay those tuition fees. 

Any tuition fee quoted on your offer letter is for guidance only. We will quote the definitive tuition fee on your Portico account.

Read more about UCL's tuition fees and methods of payment

Proficiency in the English language

All students need a good command of English to undertake their programme. 

A list of acceptable English language qualifications are on our website. 

You should check this if your offer letter specifies that you must meet an English language condition. Any extra expense incurred in doing so will be your responsibility.

Criminal convictions

You must inform UCL of any criminal conviction(s) between application and enrolment.

Your conduct after accepting an offer

If you accept UCL’s offer of admission and then behave in a way that may bring UCL into disrepute, UCL reserves the right to withdraw your offer of admission. 

This applies regardless of whether the behaviour in question occurs on UCL premises or elsewhere. And, regardless of whether it involves action in person or using electronic media.

Your conduct at UCL

Upon enrolling at UCL you agree to abide by the present rules, regulations, and statutes of UCL. 

Read a summary of important rules and regulations

Incorrect or incomplete applications

UCL bases your offer of admission on the information you submit as part of your application. 

If any information you have provided proves to be incorrect or incomplete, we reserve the right to review and withdraw your offer of admission.


All students must enrol with UCL Student & Registry Services within two weeks of the start of their programme. 

Find more information on the enrolment process

After you enrol

If, having started a programme, a student’s academic progress is unsatisfactory, UCL reserves the right to withdraw any student from the programme. 

Information for students holding an offer for Teacher Training

Medical fitness (Occupational Health) and Disclosure and Barring Service Clearance

All teacher training applicants must complete Occupational Health and Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) Enhanced Disclosure checks. 

The total cost of these checks is £89.75. 

More information on the DBS service

Skills Test

Applicants are no longer required to complete professional skills tests in literacy and numeracy. Trainees will be assured against a set of fundamental Mathematics and English skills by the end of their teacher training.