UCL Chemistry NMR Instruments


Bruker Avance Neo 500

Check the queue on the 500 MHz instrument.

This instrument together with the broadband probe 109Ag-31P/1H (with z-gradients and auto-switch from one nucleus to another) and SampleCase+ sample changer is used mainly for 1H and multinuclear measurements. 

The sensitivity specifications are: 

1H  450 : 1 (noise [200 Hz], 0.1% Ethylbenzene in CDCl3);
13C 280 : 1 (noise [40 ppm], ASTM, 40% dioxane, 60% C6D6);
15N  45 : 1 (noise [2 ppm], 90% formamide in DMSO-d6);
 31P 225 : 1 (noise [5 ppm], 0.0485 M Triphenyl Phosphate (TPP) in acetone-d6).

Note that with the old Avance I console the 1H sensitivity of the same probe was 285 : 1. These findings are of Dr Peter Simpson from Bruker UK.

The BACS 60 sample changer and Avance I console shown in the picture below were replaced by SampleCase+ and Avance Neo in January 2021. 

View of the 500 MHz instrument