UCL Chemistry NMR Instruments


TCI and TXO Cryoprobes and High-pressure NMR in Manchester, 500-800 MHz

Dr Matthew Cliff, NMR website
University of Manchester, Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, Manchester, M1 7DN

Unusual features: High-pressure NMR and 19F cryoprobe

1H frequency: 500MHz, 600MHz and 800MHz

Console type and age: AVANCE III/AVANCE/AVANCE III

Probes: QCI-F (500) TXI (600) TCI (800) cryoprobes with z gradients

Temperature range: 0-80 oC

Approximate number of hours per week for shared usage: This is ad-hoc

Staff availability for sample preparations: Yes

Other matters: This equipment is jointly held with Sheffield Biomolecular NMR, and requires significant road testing with the cryoprobes.