UCL Chemistry NMR Instruments


NMR Spectrometer with Three Channels amd Two receivers

Dr Juraj Bella, NMR website

School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh, Joseph Black Building, David Brewster Road, King's Buildings, Edinburgh EH9 3FJ

Non-standard feature: A 400 MHz spectrometer with 3 channels & 2 receivers (undergoing upgrade) and a (TBO-X,FH) ATM RT probe

1H frequency: 400 MHz 

Console: Avance III HD

Probe: (TBO-X,FH)-ATM RT, z-gradients

Temperature range: -150 to +150 °C

Sample changer: Yes

Staff availability for sample preparations: Yes, for simple preparation tasks

Other: Spare 500, 600 and 800 MHz BBO, TBI and TXI probes are available for loan, including 600 MHz RT probe TXI with xyz-gradients of 2001 and 600 MHz CryoProbe TXI with z-gradients of 2003 (no ATM)