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GroupFolders Shared (S:) Drive

The S: Drive is a shared storage space on the Filestore@UCL Service. Use the S: Drive to save departmental files or when working collaboratively with colleagues, other departments and students.


  • Supported by ISD IT Services.
  • Hourly snapshots and daily backups can be used to recover data within 90 days
  • Ability to self-restore files
  • 200GB by default
  • Malware protection
  • Additional storage can be purchased (50TB upper limit, please liaise with us, if you have larger requirements)
  • Highly available (backend storage is replicated across multiple datacentres)

How to access the (S:) Drive

  • Accessible and automatically mapped when logged in on campus (Desktop @ UCL)
  • Available remotely and automatically mapped when logged into Desktop @ UCL Anywhere
  • Accessible remotely when connected to UCL Remote Access VPN service

If you would like to access the S: Drive from outside the UCL network, you will need to connect to the UCL Remote Access VPN service.

How to map the GroupFolder Shared (S:) Drive

Your Shared (S:) Drive is automatically mapped when you use UCL-managed computers on campus (Desktop @ UCL PC) or remotely via Desktop @ UCL Anywhere.

To access the S: Drive from a standalone or departmental machine you will need to manually map it using the guides below.


Managing your GroupFolders Shared (S:) Drive


Further help

A list of frequently asked questions can be found at Purchase additional S: Drive storage.