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Purchase additional S: Drive storage

GroupFolder (S:) Drive storage is allocated a 200GB quota as default for collaborative use. You are able to procure additional quota space when needed.

Departments can purchase additional shared group storage at a cost of £0.15 per GB. This payment covers the use of the purchased storage for 3 years. The smallest amount of storage a department can purchase at any one time is 100GB, i.e. £15.00.

It is possible to retain purchased storage for more than 3 years. You will need to submit a renewal request to extend the use of any purchased storage, for another 3 years. We’ll send out a reminder to the original requestor (or another identified party) prior to the expiration of each 3-year period.

By default, an upper limit of 50TB can be allocated to a shared storage group. If a shared group requires more than 50TB of storage then an assessment of the best storage solution will be undertaken. This is to ensure that the storage provided is in an optimal format to meet the departments/shared groups requirements.

What you receive as part of the shared storage service

  • Self-Restore – Hourly data snapshots for the current day. Which can be used to recover data from earlier that day
  • Self-Restore – Daily Snapshots, which can be used to recover data within 90 days
  • Daily full data backups
  • Anti-virus and malware scans
  • Infrastructure resilience, i.e. the Filestore @ UCL on the S: Drive operates in both the on- and off- site datacentres
  • Assistance to recover data stored on Filestore @ UCL on the S: Drive service if/when needed

How to purchase additional storage

1. Fill out the filestore request form

The filestore request form is designed to enable departments to request additional storage for use by their department, or shared storage groups that are associated to them.

Departments will need to include the relevant Journal/Finance code to cover the cost of the requested additional filestore in order for us to process your request.

Note: Individual users are allocated a default amount of filestore storage on joining UCL (on the N: drive). Individual users cannot purchase additional filestore storage for their own use directly.

2. Submit the completed form

All completed filestore request forms should be submitted to:

3. After you've submitted the form

After receiving your completed filestore request form, we will:

  • Review the form for completeness before it is formally processed.

    • Note: If the request exceeds a 50TB allocation to a specific shared group, or department, then we (ISD) will contact you (the requestor) to identify if a better storage solution is available.
    • If the NFS protocol, local DHCP and/or local firewall options are selected some additional information may be required. In certain cases, this may also involve a discussion between relevant parties associated with the submission and implementation, etc., of the requested Central Filestore storage.
  • Forward the details of the purchase request to ISD's Finance team for processing. This will result in the fund transfer being processed in MyFinance against the finance code provided in the request form.
  • Allocate purchased filestore, in accordance with the information supplied in the request form.
  • Log the details of the purchased filestore storage in a master filestore capacity planning log.
  • High level details of any local DHCP, or local firewall service reported in conjunction with a Central Filestore request will also be recorded.
  • Notify the requestor that their purchased filestore storage has been allocated as requested.

    • Note: notification on the need to fund the continued use of the purchased filestore will be forwarded to the owner, or other appropriate party in advance of the end of the 3-year funding period being reached. The owner/other relevant party can then

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