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Logging in to UCL Zoom from the Zoom app

This guide explains how to log in to UCL Zoom from the Zoom app

This guide is aimed at

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To sign into UCL Zoom via the Zoom app you must have set up your UCL Zoom account first. To do this, simply sign into UCL Zoom via the browser, see Setting up a new Zoom account.

Tip: if you don't have the Zoom app installed, see our guides on installing Zoom on your computer or installing Zoom on your mobile.

1. After you launch the app choose sign in.

2. On the sign in screen choose sign in with SSO. Note that if you are signing in from a mobile app this may simply say SSO.

Tip: You need to choose the SSO option in order to sign in correctly.

Screenshot showing highlighted SSO link


3. Enter ucl in the company domain field and press continue.

Screenshot showing company domain pane
  • If you see the Search company domain screen, click on 'I know the company domain' to take you to the previous screen, where you can enter the UCL domain.

4. You will be taken to the UCL sign in page. Enter your UCL username (eg ucyxxxx@ucl.ac.uk) and then your UCL password (the one you use for your email) and click Sign in.

5. You will be logged in to the Zoom app.

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