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UCL Dictionary

UCL dictionary

UCL-B, TRO, JRO, RIS, etc ...

Puzzled by the UCL acronyms? Search this list. 




UCL Therapeutic Innovations Networks (TINs)

Translational community @UCL: Therapeutic Innovations Networks (TINs)

The 'Therapeutic Innovations Networks' (TINs) is a UK-wide vibrant community of academic & industry experts and early career researchers. The common denominator is a therapeutic modality and the aim is to have a network of professionals and potential collaborators to tackle common obstacles and create research innovation. 

Drug repurposing

Re-purposing a drug

Drug repurposing is a modality broadly covered in the TIN section. Enter this section to know more details and case studies about this approach. (Under construction) 





Worktribe/setting up a new project

Useful links for learning what to do to set up, manage and coordinate a research project at UCL. 



Why do you need one? What to request and who to ask for information about it? 



Material/data transfer agreements

No, UCLB is not doing Material/Data transfer agreements anymore! Click here to understand what to do and who to ask. 


Confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements (CDA, NDA)

A NDA/CDA creates a legal framework to protect ideas and information from being stolen or shared with competitors or third parties. A brief guide on how to ask for one at UCL. 


Intellectual Property

What is IP and how to manage it.



start up

Spin Out

Should you spin out or not spin out? are there other options? How does this work @ UCL?

industry collaborations

Industry Collaborations

Short list of what to do and NOT do with an industry partner.



clinical study

Set-up a clinical or observational study

The Joint Research Office (JRO) supports all the stages of the development of clinical research at UCL and UCLH.


BRAIN unit research

Find an expert or a technology

In need of a facility or an expert? Follow this link to see what are your options.