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Student Life: Read about Erasmus student Annika and her time at the IOE

28 January 2020

Annika studied at the IOE in autumn 2019. Read her story to see how she got on.

Erasmus Annika

My name is Annika and I am from Germany. I am currently doing my Master’s degree in Adult Education. From September to December 2019 I had the privilege to join the UCL as an exchange student for one term. Being part of the Erasmus exchange program, I was able to choose interesting modules which were highly relevant for my Master’s studies in Germany. Coming to the UCL and to the IOE in particular I was excited to join an environment of such excellence and cutting-edge research. The small class sizes and combination of great teaching and personal support by the teachers facilitated a great study environment. During my time at the UCL I gained deeper insight into my field of study, it opened up new perspectives on my research questions, and I developed a greater understanding in the area of leadership.

Not only was it a great experience to attend university but living in London made that time a great adventure. As one of the world’s most diverse, multicultural, and exciting places there are endless possibilities to explore. With the UCL Campus at the very centre of the city, it becomes part of your daily life to discover London. Whether it is going to one of the numerous museums, reading a book in a nice coffee shop in Bloomsbury, going to different parts of the city, or strolling through the streets, all of that make a nice change from studying. Even though I was in London for only one term I totally fell in love with that city. UCL is part of London and living in London is part of going to UCL – you cannot separate these two.