Division of Infection and Immunity



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Head of department

Professor Judith BreuerProfessor of Virology
Head, Research Department of Infection
Co-Director, UCL Division of Infection & Immunity
j.breuer@ucl.ac.uk              Profile


Professor Benny ChainProfessor of Immunologyb.chain@ucl.ac.uk Profile
Professor Ariberto FassatiProfessor of Cellular and Molecular Virologya.fassati@ucl.ac.uk Profile
Professor Richard GoldsteinProfessor of Pathogen Evolutionr.goldstein@ucl.ac.uk Profile
Professor Ravindra GuptaWellcome Trust Senior Fellow in Clinical Scienceravindra.gupta@ucl.ac.uk Profile
Professor Robert HeydermanProfessor of Infectious Diseases and International Healthr.heyderman@ucl.ac.uk Profile
Dr Clare JollyReader in Virus Cell Biologyc.jolly@ucl.ac.uk Profile
Dr Pierre MaillardUCL Excellence Fellowp.maillard@ucl.ac.uk Profile
Dr Laura McCoyMRC Career Development Fellowl.mccoy@ucl.ac.uk Profile
Professor Tim McHughProfessor of Medical Microbiologyt.mchugh@ucl.ac.uk Profile
Professor Richard MilneSenior Lecturerrichard.milne@ucl.ac.uk Profile
Professor Mahdad NoursadeghiProfessor of Infectious Diseasesm.noursadeghi@ucl.ac.uk Profile
Professor Deenan PillayProfessor of Virologyd.pillay@ucl.ac.uk Profile
Dr Helen RoweSir Henry Dale Fellowh.rowe@ucl.ac.uk Profile
Dr Yasu TakeuchiReader in Molecular Virologyy.takeuchi@ucl.ac.uk Profile
Dr Gillian TomlinsonMRC Clinical Research Training Fellowg.tomlinson@ucl.ac.uk Profile
Professor Greg TowersProfessor of Molecular Virologyg.towers@ucl.ac.uk Profile
Professor Sir Alimuddin ZumlaProfessor of Infectious Diseases and International Healtha.zumla@ucl.ac.uk Profile