Division of Infection and Immunity

The UCL Division of Infection and Immunity is a vibrant community of world- class scientists conducting basic and applied research in immunology, virology and microbiology.  

HIV H9 T-Cell By National Institutes of Health (NIH) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


The Division offers a variety of specialist undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in infection, immunology, microbiology and virology in a number of teaching formats.

MSc Infection and Immunity

Our flagship MSc Infection & Immunity covers current issues in the biology of infectious agents, the epidemiology, pathogenesis, prevention & control of infectious diseases, immunity & immune dysfunction. Programme content spans the range from basic science to translational clinical research & culminates in a full time research project, providing excellent training & preparation for a research career. Further Information » 

PhD Infection and Immunity

A PhD in Infection and Immunity offers an opportunity to work with world class scientists and to develop your skills as an independent researcher. We offer a wide range of projects across the fields of infectious diseases, virology and immunology. UCL is a world leading university and a dynamic and exciting environment for your studies. Further Information and How to Apply »


The Division of Infection and Immunity is an internationally recognised centre of research excellence. Bringing together world-leading basic, applied, clinical and translational researchers, we study the mechanisms that cause and spread disease. Through understanding these mechanisms we aim to improve prevention, diagnosis, intervention and treatment of disease. Research within the Division is linked to our education programmes to advance knowledge, and support clinical services within hospitals associated with UCL. Find out more »

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