UCL Human Resources


MyHR Modules

Some MyHR modules are provided automatically while others require authorisation. Find guidance and access information below.

Employee Self Service

Employee self service enables you to review and confidentially update your personal details, including your bank details, and your equalities data. You can also view details of your appointment plus review your training record. This role will be automatically assigned to a new employee.

Manager Self Service

Manager self service enables managers to view details of employees assignments, view training records, record and/or approve an employee’s absence, including sickness absence, and record probation and appraisal completion dates. This role will automatically be assigned where the role recipient has been recorded as someone’s supervisor in the system.

Self Service Administrator

This will give the user access to personal and employment data. The user can record and approve absence on behalf of the manager, including sickness. They will receive all absence related notifications raised within their area. The individual will be able to see all staff at the Department requested, and all sub-units for this department.

The Self Service Administrator role must be requested and assigned by either the Head of Department or the Director of Operations.

Department Transactions

There are two roles available within Department Transactions. These roles require authorisation before access is granted.

Department Transactions Administrator
This access allows individuals to submit contract requests, changes to appointments, one-off payments and leavers. The individual will be able to see all staff within the Department requested, including sub-units. There is prerequisite training before this access can be given.

Department Transactions Payments Approver
This access allows individuals to approve payments that have been created by other Department Transactions Administrators.

Departmental Read Only Access

There are two departmental read only MyHR access roles available; one for Finance users, and one for HR users. The information provided in the Finance access is present within the HR access. Only one access type can be given to an individual. These roles require authorisation before access is granted.

MyHR Reports (OBIEE)

Please see the Workforce Reporting and Analytics pages for information and access details for the MyHR reporting module.


MyLearning provides access to training records, view the UCL course catalogue and book courses.

Requesting Access to MyHR

To request access to restricted MyHR modules (Department Transactions, Payments Approver, Self Service Administrator) or MyHR departmental read only access, please complete the appropriate MyHR access form.